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Well the first thing I noticed when researching for this post is the dearth of data for Canada! Stats Canada? I could only find a piece taking us up to 2015. I mean there’s Laissez-faire, and then there’s just kinda muddling along and hoping for the best.

The States has all kinds of data and news items (I do have a wee bit for Canada, see below, and I think we can extrapolate somewhat from info about our neighbours to the south).

So — in the USA, where are the smart jobs?

Well according to a report by NPR and Wired Magazine, the bottom line is: look to businesses producing new-to-the-market products (think: GMOs, iPhone apps)

Between 2006 – 2010, drawing on data from Linked-In, the report authors discovered that the good-paying jobs were and will be found in the following fields:

Environment & Renewables jobs grew by 50%+ every.single.year (this makes me happy)

Jobs in Online Publishing and the Internet each grew by about 29% per year

Jobs in the Wireless sector grew by 18% per year.

Looking ahead to 2018, the US Bureau of Labour Stats projects that

Network systems and data analysis jobs will grow by over 50%

Home Health Aides jobs will grow by 50% (no real surprise there, given coming demographic trends)

followed closely by general Personal and Home Care Aides which will grow by 45%.

And Canada?

Career Builder says that for 2011, the in-demand jobs are:

Administrative Assistants (wait. what? yes, really)
Real Estate Agents (my armchair take is that this one won’t last)

In contrast, the Globe & Mail said the top sales (and by their inference, job) growth was …
wait for it…

didn’t cross my minda, gotta say …

was: Engine, Turbine and Power Transmission equipment manufacturing, which grew by 20.46%.
errrr – anyone know if a new plant started up or something?

My bottom line conjecture is that jobs in Health and Technology (including bio-tech) will dominate the next 10 years. Any dissenters?

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  1. et

    Why don’t you think there will be jobs in Engine, Turbine and Power Transmission equipment manufacturing if there are jobs in technology? All that tech needs power to run. Power transmission can’t be outsourced and infrastructure must be maintained and upgraded.


    Nancy (aka Moneycoach) Reply:

    Ha! quite right and logical. I just hadn’t put the pieces together the way you did.


    Aug 20, 2011

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