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I was surprised in my early days of money  coaching to discover the number of people whose parents had said nothing at all, really, nothing, about money.

If there was stress about money, if there was financial planning going on, if there was wealth in the family, the kids didn’t know about it. It was as if it didn’t exist.

It wasn’t as if these future clients of mine thought money was a taboo topic; it was as if it wasn’t a topic at all.

Many of my clients concluded their parents just didn’t think kids needed to be thinking about things like money.

I hope you disagree with them. I sure do. Teaching kids about money, both explicitly and letting them learn by setting an example, is as crucial a life skill as any I can think of. Even if done imperfectly, even with real screw-ups now and then, teaching kids about money is something parents owe their children.

As kids all across the world return to school, I thought September would be the perfect month to blog on some money 101s – the stuff I hope parents teach their kids.   And stuff that readers may want to learn, or perhaps re-learn, themselves.

Pop by each Wednesday and Weekend for posts on the basics. And if you want to dive in and ACT on what you learn,  sign up for my online It’s your Money! program.

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