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1. Steve Jobs is dead. A light went out folks.  A light went out.

2. #OccupyWallStreet If you’re not keeping informed about what’s going down in the heart of the financial district, you probably should be. You won’t find much about it in mainstream media (any guesses why) but I’m pretty sure this is history in the making. While there is no one “key message” (which would be a contradiction in terms for the protesters), they do coalesce around these common themes:

  • citizens should be at the heart of public policy, not money
  • corporate money should not have nearly the influence it has
  • a call for society to re-order itself to close the gap between the rich and poor

This protester spoke eloquently to Fox News (and the interview was never aired):

3. And the IMF had some things to say about Canada’s real estate market as had Mark Carney (Governor, Bank of Canada) housing market back in June. Worth the read.

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  1. ET

    Why say “You won’t find much about it in mainstream media” when the protests are front page news in both NY Times & WSJ?


    Nancy (aka Moneycoach) Reply:

    Front page news? I don’t think so but will stand being corrected. Send me the link?


    Oct 07, 2011
  2. ET

    You’ll have to take my word, but when you wrote this nytimes.com had the protests on the front page.

    WSJ still does – first page links to this article:

    Currently on the front page here:
    LA Times:http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/

    Occupy protests go nationwide http://www.msnbc.msn.com/

    How much more mainstream can you get?


    Oct 09, 2011

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