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5 years ago, Kat joined my very first Smart with Money seminar series.

She came by accident more than anything – happened to see the advert the same day it started, the time and location was convenient so she impulsively signed up and showed up.

Kat was in her mid-30s, and had recently quit her high-paying job-from-hell in favour of doing what she felt called to do.

Only problem was, doing what she felt called to do resulted in $23,000 in debt. Her lifestyle hadn’t shrunk with her income, and she’d taken a significant hit. In fact, her new income scarcely met her basic living costs here in Vancouver.

During the Smart with Money course, Kat began to track her spending. She also faced her debt – and found it overwhelmed her with anxiety and burden. And then there was the mind-set. A child of very difficult economic circumstances, Kat needed to believe she could be on solid financial ground, that she could be an empowered woman with money, and that her financial past was in no way determinative of her financial future.

These kinds of issues don’t get solved in a matter of months (contrary to some claims). But Kat was resolute.

Over the years, she and I had many talks. There were tears and discouragement to be sure, and sometimes an issue had to be visited and revisited until new mindsets and habits really took hold.

You can read some of her own posts on my business blog.

There were a series of breakthroughs.

The definitive one came this past Friday.

I was in a meeting with my boss, and Kat, also a member of Canada’s best-kept-secret bank made the effort to come share a really great moment with me. She found my boss’s office, knocked on the door and held up a deposit slip.

Debt: $0.00

Savings: __________ well, I won’t say, ’cause that’s private, but it was a very respectable sum, indeed.

This, she accomplished while getting a number of courses under her belt, and staying at the same place of employment.

I’ve asked her to write a blog post, and will hound her to do so, but in the meantime,

Kat…. Kat… Kat.. WOOOHHOOOOOO! Congratulations from your money coach who’s freaking proud of you.

Readers:  Have you ever had a big Breakthrough Moment when you felt like something was permanently different for you, financially?  I’d love to read about your experience too – leave a comment 🙂  !


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  1. That’s awesome, great inspiration that getting out of debt is possible!


    Jun 27, 2008

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