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Today is the start of a 3-post mini series by Career Coach Karen Begemann with a recommendation today, tomorrow and Thursday to strengthen your job security during these days of real economic uncertainty.  We’ve been pretty jittery the past couple of years, haven’t we?  I don’t know about you, but I lived through the dismantling of a bank and it was, well, really awful. Most of you won’t experience anything that drastic (God forbid) but there likely have been and will be lay-offs around you. Here’s recommendation #1 to increase the odds that you won’t be one of them.

Recommendation  1: Know your Why
Ask yourself, what motivates me to do the work I do?  For some it’s the lifestyle it affords them, for others it may be a sense of contribution, opportunities for learning, growth or advancement. The list goes on.  Think about someone you admire. What is it about them that draws you to them? Chances are they are driven by an inner passion to do what they do.  If you think about what makes people successful, one of the key qualities is this sense of purpose.

Think about moments in your own work where you are completely absorbed by what you are doing. What were you doing that engaged you so fully? These “flow moments” offer us clues to a deeper purpose that motivate us in our work.  Now ask yourself, how can I do more of this and other activities that really engage me?

While being highly engaged with your work is no guarantee of security, the odds increase that you will be doing the quality of work that makes you a highly valued employee.  Being clear on your Why will fuel you to be a high performer.

Check back tomorrow for Recommendation #2!
Karen Begemann has worked in the career development field for the past 10 years in government-funded employment programs, the corporate sector and in private practice as a Career Coach and Facilitator. Her passion professionally is helping people to connect with meaningful work.  She provides a range of services including career exploration, job search (resume support, networking strategies and job interview coaching) and resiliency coaching (dealing with work related stress). Karen also specializes in working with professional moms who are planning to return to the workforce. She practices in Vancouver, BC and provides coaching services either in person or on the telephone. Karen can be reached at 604-828-5600 for a complimentary telephone session to determine an individual’s career coaching needs. For more information visit www.workmattersconsulting.com.

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