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Just a super – short post tonight folks.   I’m still jet-lagged and the midnight sun compounds it!

But here’s a gentle headsup about summer weekend getaways.

So many of my clients who were feeling broke decided to skip a “real” vacation and instead have a couple (or more) weekend getaways.  Invariably they underestimated, usually significantly, the costs of the weekend getaways.   Typically they thought in terms of about $200, but when they actually tracked expenses of the weekend it was anywhere between $400 – $700.

You may be the exception … but probably not!  So here’s a little test.  Track your expenses next time you go on your getaway:

  • the extra booze
  • the gas
  • the ferry
  • the gift for the host
  • eating out enroute and while at the destination
  • park / camping fees or accommodation
  • toll booths
  • kayak rentals
  • tickets (sports event, shows)
  • dog or cat care while you are absent

There’s nothing wrong at all with getaways or the price of them.  Just give yourself the data about the full costs of these trips so that you can make informed decisions as you stay within your budget this summer.

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