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Love your job?  Hate your job?

Obsessed with your work?

Counting the days til retirement?  (you know who you are!)

Irregardless, the fact is our work is the vast majority of our income for most of us and is a biiiiig factor in our financial lives.

So this month, Wednesday and Weekend blog posts will be about our work life.

Topics lined up include:

  • How to Recession-Proof your job (guest post by Career Coach)
  • Where the Smart Jobs are
  • 3 ways the coming labour shortage will affect your wallet
  • Bullying on the workplace
  • How to rock your Benefits
  • How to handle your money if you’re out of work
  • Making peace with retirement (not everyone finds it easy, you know)

So come by on Wednesdays and Weekends for Work and Your Wallet posts, and on day in between for slightly lighter fare regarding your money.

Photo Credit: Red Cyan

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