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Just sayin’.

This money coach loves these guys. And you will too. Not to mention you’ll love being a Saver.

Groningen - ING Bank

Are you paying your bank ridiculous bank fees for everyday transactions? You shouldn’t be!

I’ve been a saver with ING since they first came to town. The Internet had barely just arrived, it seemed, and next thing you know they had Orange-Dressed staff hawking coffee and a savings account right on Broadway and Granville.

From the start, I’ve loved them. Here’s why:

1. They make banking simple.

2. They cut the bullshit. (sorry for the language. but they do. all the info I’ve *ever* received from them is straightforward, in language anybody can understand. How refreshing is that?).

3. They usually give the best interest rates AND now I have no-fee chequing with them. A pack of cheques is $10. Other than that, no fees. And if you are struggling to keep your money organized (in which case, see my note above about beta-testers for my program!) and from time to time have insufficient funds, this is unbelievable: they don’t charge you if it’s less than a $250 overdraw, provided you pay it back within 30 days.

I’m a believer! Over the past 10+ years, they really HAVE empowered me to “save my money”. If you are cool with online banking, give them a try and you’ll get $25 from them (and I think I get a $13 referral bonus) – just grab the “key” (numbers) from the widget on the sidebar.