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Look.  Bringing your lunch instead of eating out is good.  So is wearing sweaters instead of raising your thermostat.  And there are lots and lots of good ways to live wonderfully but frugally.  All that’s well and good.

But if you’re Canadian, and if you’re reading this, you use the internet.  And it looks like our fees are going to increase.  A lot. No point in being frugal on our lunches out if we let this one just slide by, is there?

There’s something we can all do about it.

1. Watch this vid

2. Sign the petition

Groningen - ING Bank

Are you paying your bank ridiculous bank fees for everyday transactions? You shouldn’t be!

I’ve been a saver with ING since they first came to town. The Internet had barely just arrived, it seemed, and next thing you know they had Orange-Dressed staff hawking coffee and a savings account right on Broadway and Granville.

From the start, I’ve loved them. Here’s why:

1. They make banking simple.

2. They cut the bullshit. (sorry for the language. but they do. all the info I’ve *ever* received from them is straightforward, in language anybody can understand. How refreshing is that?).

3. They usually give the best interest rates AND now I have no-fee chequing with them. A pack of cheques is $10. Other than that, no fees. And if you are struggling to keep your money organized (in which case, see my note above about beta-testers for my program!) and from time to time have insufficient funds, this is unbelievable: they don’t charge you if it’s less than a $250 overdraw, provided you pay it back within 30 days.

I’m a believer! Over the past 10+ years, they really HAVE empowered me to “save my money”. If you are cool with online banking, give them a try and you’ll get $25 from them (and I think I get a $13 referral bonus) – just grab the “key” (numbers) from the widget on the sidebar.


I am so not a handy-person.   But it’s a great way to save money (if you do it reasonably well) and in Yellowknife there’s such a shortage of skilled labour that most work costs folks their firstborn (or in my case, a floppy-eared daschund).

So.  I’m getting bold.  I’m getting determined.  And with the help of youtube, I’m learning how to fix things myself.

Take a guess at what my first project was.  Here’s a clue:

Wind Mobile

The legendary Peter of Peter’s Useful Crap first put me onto this: Wind Mobile is offering some truly low-priced options. I don’t know if the $20/month unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting is still available, but even if not, the $40/month deal they’ve extended til Jan 16th looks impressive. Surprisingly they don’t provide coverage in Yellowknife, so I’m outta luck. But still, I’m happy for all you folks out there.

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