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I can’t believe I did this. But this redefines frugality. For £5 I got 5 minutes of a more … natural… pedicure. These fish are a particular breed of Carp and they gently nibble off people’s dead skin and don’t touch the new skin. It took all my nerve and I yanked my feet out at first, but eventually became OK with the sensation. Kinda. Sorta.

Can you hear the ducks in the pond?

How ’bout the lazy sound of bees, or the bugs on the water?

Or the airplane far off in the distance?

Can you feel the warmth of the northern, summer sun?

My 2 daschunds and I spent a glorious hour on a park bench and by the end I felt as tranquil and at ease with the world as a person can ever hope for.

Thank you, nature.

Oh my goodness.

I just returned from the local high school’s production of the season: Grease! Did it ever take me back to Junior High (does that grouping exist anymore?) and Olivia Newton John and the local joint where most kids my age smoked and we all ordered fries and gravy to go with the cigarettes. Anyone else remember those days?

For $20 I got a really fun evening. The kids were all heart, if sometimes off-key, and gave a funny, quirky performance. Somehow a lot of the songs seemed more appropriate coming from high school boys/men who probably were truly horny (well sorry, but really, they probably are!) than it did from the more mature Travolta and co. On a personal note, I was delighted to discover that “Hopelessly Devoted” no longer wrings tears from me, as it did 20 years ago without fail.

So. Frugal tip of the week? Check out your local high school productions!

Parents (lookin’ especially at you, Peter! – you know who you are!) do you have any great memories of seeing your kids in productions? And is it just me, or are kids way more willing to put themselves out there on stage (singing? really?) than we were back in the day?

Photo Credit: Baslow

When’s the last time you’ve looked through your Employee Assistance Program? It’s worth the 15 minutes, truly. Case in point: I just received 30 minutes of legal counsel (about nothing bad! don’t worry!). It was free for me.
In a previous job, I had 5 sessions of nutritional counselling and 10 sessions of counselling-counselling. For free. Go re-read your pamphlet.

well, that’s a lie. I didn’t just discover secret shopping. But back to that later.

I did just discover that focus groups pay! A friend gave my name to someone arranging focus groups about the Cdn Military so I signed up and booked last Wednesdays evening off. We showed up only to discover it was over booked so we weren’t needed (us Yellowknifers are reliable peeps!) after all which disappointed me. I had my 2¢ worth to say! (yes to military in peace keeping missions. how Canadian of me). Buuuut… my disappointment was swiftly abated when I discovered we were being paid $100 cash despite not being able to participate!

My friend donated hers to Japan Relief. Me — not so altruistic. It’s been a while since I’ve had a manicure so by the time I type tomorrow’s post, I’ll be doing so with lovely french manicured nails.


And THAT reminded me of a time years ago when I was a secret shopper for Escents. It was a bit harder work, but a lot of fun. I had to go hang around the store, ask for help if it wasn’t offered and ask a few questions about some of the products. And for that, I got a $75 gift certificate towards their products.

Readers, I’m kinda into this now! Anyone know any legit (operative word!) secret shopper companies or survey takers? And I don’t mean the BS ones that really are about selling me stuff. I mean: I evaluate or put thought into something in exchange for cash or product, like the examples above.

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