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OK, he’s no longer a puppy. But contentment = -36C outside in January, and a cute little red fireplace (a housewarming gift from a concerned friend in Vancouver!) and my dashchund, Cranmer.

aaaawwww! Little update: someone saw my pic above and sent me a corresponding one of hers:

Oh you may think this is just any old bacon. But I assure you. It is not! This, folks, this is the FIRST BACON I’VE HAD SINCE SUMMER 2009! Summer 2009 I saw FoodInc and lost all stomach for participating in the meat industry. But this little piggy had a free-range, organically fed life. And I’m assuming it had a humane death.
And I bought it last summer. And now it arrived up here in Yellowknife thanks to the uber-cool folks who source and cooperatively buy organic meat and ship it up here. THANK YOU JESS!
Contentment? ohhhh yeaaaaaah!

Steff – or anyone else – I’m hoping you can give me an awesome recipe for leg roasts? (legs aren’t a bad cut are they?) I have 4! And a shoulder shank? and What.On.Earth am I to do with a hunk of PORK FAT and also a whole bunch of hocks?

Bacon!  Free range organic bacon!  Hallelujah!

bacon!  bacn!  I live again

Breakfast of champions including free range organic bacon

Free range, certified organic pork from Sunworks

My 1/4 pig arrived!  Hello port roasts.  Hello pork ribs.

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