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Friends, I do believe I’ve just enjoyed the steal of the year, and it was a BC getaway.

The Galiano Inn & Spa has a two-for-one weekdays through March and I can’t say enough good things about my experience.

For $125 a night, my best friend of 20 years (we were thrown together as roomates in 1st yr UBC, and have kept going strong ever since) and I got a 5-star getaway of Gulf Island luxury.

We each had a room with french doors opening right out onto the ocean front.  The rooms were lovely – elegantly appointed, mediterranean feel, cork floors, heated bathroom floors, deep baths, and environmentally friendly soaps etc.   Mmmmm.

Breakfast was included, and I expected coffee and perhaps a danish.  Instead, omelettes with smoked salmon, goat cheese and pumpkin seeds, or crepes with fruit and ricotta cheese were on offer.  And this was preceded by fresh OJ and just-out-of-the-oven muffins.

Also included was 30 minutes in the spa steam room plus another 30 minutes in the flotation room.   I added on a 60-minute reflexology treatment for $100 and it was the best I ever had.  Four days later, my feet still feel good.  Louanne is a quintessential west-coast healer and among other things has me convinced to spend more time walking barefoot on the earth.

Dinner was also exceptional.  The somalier was simply perfect – the exact right balance of  maintaining a slightly fussy air, professional, yet not snooty.  Their lamb is to die for apparently.   Several of the other guests raved (I can’t bring myself to eat lamb, myself).

The daschunds particularly appreciated that there was a pet-friendly unit, although they messed things up by barking in my absence and disturbing other guests.  Bad Dogs!

Lest I appear all uncharacteristically shi-shi, I hasten to add we all (weinerdogs too) hiked to the bluffs one day, and walked through the forest (but not barefoot) to the Hummingbird Pub the next.

If you are looking for a high-end getaway at an incredibly reasonable budget (for its class) book yourself in!  Let Jenny (the incomparable manager) know Nancy sent you.

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Readers:  do you know of any other truly special “deals” for getaways in Canada these days?

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