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Prizes! I have a couple prizes! And some giveaways!

But let’s start with my first Thank You:

Thank You Lorraine!
Again, extreme thanks to Lorraine of Raincoaster Media. When she moved to Yellowknife from my home turf of Vancouver’s DTES, I knew the north had gained a treasure. What I didn’t know is what a treasure she’d be to me. She got me on as a regular contributor for a US-based blog that has, oh, about fourty times the traffic my own blog has. And then she got me onto The Bunker Project podcast, Show #53 which is one of Canada’s pre-eminent podcast shows with – gulp – listeners in excess of 100,000 did you say, Lorraine?
But more than that, she helped me take my concept from Nancy’s Kinda Goofy Idea into something real. As you can imagine, there were more than one Nancy-Freak-Out moments What do you mean Qik doesn’t archive?; No, no I really don’t think live-coaching is possible; CRAP I FORGOT TO BUY THE BOOZE!. Through it all, Lorraine was encouraging, creative, and my right-hand person.

More thanks forthcoming but now:

A PRIZE! for the Facebook Money Trivia Quiz!

The questions were:
1. Who are the bigger savers, Canadians or Americans (as of 2010)?
ANSWER: Americans! In a startling reversal of a long-held historic trend, Americans now save nearly double what Canadian’s save, per person. Canadians save less than 3% of their income; Americans save just over 6%

2. What is the fundamental difference between a credit union and a bank?
Credit unions are owned by their members; banks are owned by shareholders who may live anywhere and don’t necessarily use the bank.

3. How many modules are in my online money coaching program?
Go find out!

4. T/ F Jesus said “Money is the root of all evil”
False. It’s written in the book of Timothy, not at all attributed to Jesus, and it says The love of money [important distinction] is the root off all evil.

5. The touted ideal savings rate is 10%. How much do Canadians (or Americans) save as a percentage of their income?
See A to Q #2.

Congrats to April Smith who won the contest and won a gorgeous cushion with the word Abundance hand-sewn on – a cushion created exclusively for my online launch!

Thank you Bill, and Lee (and Devon and Nigel and …) of Kellett . They created Your Money by Design with care and enthusiasm above and beyond what I had any right to expect from a web developer. And Bill made it possible when it looked like it wasn’t. Gratitude to you!

Thank you to the people who participated – to Lowell-Ann (midlife/silver-collar career coach), Betty-Anne (coachee), Melanie (coachee) , Krsytal (tweet chat) and Marcy (tweet chat) . The day would have been monotone, and frankly impossible, without out. Thank you!

GIVEAWAY TIME to some 604 friends. My BFF Anita, of First Weekend Club graciously donated 5 pairs of tickets to the Vancouver Canada Screens Series – of your choice! Thanks, Anita!

I’d like to give them to some Vancouver friends who showed me particular luv, promoting my online launch party via FB, G+, Twitter, Blogs. I am truly grateful. I have 5 pairs so if I figured out correctly, the most wide-ranging luv came from:

Kate Trgovac

Julie Linkletter

Maggie Murray

Isabella Mori

Beatrice Scott

Winners, kindly “e” me at nancy [at] your money by design .com And I’ll forward your info to Anita to claim the pair of tickets.

Thank You to all who graciously promoted the event.
I felt so much support, and I can’t tell you what that means to me. You helped get the word out about my business, which is about helping folks with their money, so close to the bone. Karma to you! and to you, young and handsome who-knows-how-to-cook (any young women reading??) Kyle for the podcast in advance!
By conservative estimates, I’d say easily 10,000 people would have heard about the event through you all. What a start! THANK YOU.


To be entered for the prize leave a comment answering this question: What other ways to you recommend that I promote Your Money by Design without breaking my own bank?

A number of people gave me golden answers on my livestream yesterday (starting at the 4:45 min below) but I’m still looking for more! Leave a comment by midnight Monday, Sept 12th and you’ll be in the draw for the $100 gift certificate to Amazon.

In the draw so far: Mira, Amy, Megan, Joey, Paul, Kate, Gregg, Jason, Liz

Video streaming by Ustream

AND THE WINNER IS …  (via Random Generator)… MIRA!~!    Congrats, Mira, I’ll msg you on FB.

Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks

About the Author

Imagine if Canadians were known for being all over their money. Engaged. Proactive. Getting out of debt. Savvy. Saving. Generous. Nancy wants to help. Nancy started her own journey with money over 15 years ago, and formed her company “Your Money by Design” in 2004 to help others along the same path. It’s not the usual financial advising/investment stuff. It’s about taking control of day-to-day finances –managing monthly cashflow effectively, spending appropriately, getting out of debt, saving. If you're ready to take control over your finances, pop by her business site, YourMoneybyDesign.com


  1. “What other ways to you recommend that I promote Your Money by Design without breaking my own bank?”

    ANSWER: Sponsor one of our downtown litter pick-ups in spring 2012 … by donating a door prize! The prize could even be an in kind service from your business. Your business then is promoted not only to our volunteers, but to everyone reached by our litter gitter FB, PSA and other advertising.


    Nancy (aka Moneycoach) Reply:

    cool! I’m in! And there *must* be some witty (where’s Megan H. when I need her?) way to connect litter cleanup with cleaning up your finances, too.


    Sep 11, 2011
  2. Liz M.

    Guest post as much as possible on other related blogs, especially those that have more traffic than yours. Either you get paid to post, or you do it for free, but either way, at least it won’t cost you money!


    Nancy (aka Moneycoach) Reply:

    @Liz hah – you hit a sore spot (in a nice way). I used to totally hang out on other blogs and comment, and loved it, but I’ve been slipping in the past several months. Definitely a way to get out there “networking” in a way. Thanks for the reminder!


    Sep 12, 2011
  3. Mandy

    write an ebook! It might not be a really big book, but you could do that and even make money from it, $2.99 at a time.


    Nancy (aka Moneycoach) Reply:

    Mandy — that’s a stroke of genius idea. Seriously. THAT is going to become a reality, and I’ll have it ready for Jan 2012, just the time folks are thinking about money and making resolutions. You rock. Thanks.


    Sep 12, 2011
  4. Warren

    Hey Nancy,

    I stopped be briefly a few times during Saturday’s roll out and was impressed, yet again, by your natural presentation style and how it translated on video. So, here are two suggestions to promote your business without breaking the bank.

    For both, it is important that your presentation not be self-serving. We are talking presenting needed information as opposed to a commercial. In an sense, you won’t be promoting your business, but using your business as a sign of credibility. Get this right and interested people will come to your business anyway.

    #1 – Does Yellowknife have volunteer community television, like Shaw does in 604-land? Or are there other media opportunities where you can teach or present basic financial literacy with your community? Either in an interview format or as a presentation, you could address basic financial issues facing many Canadians today. As you gain more experience and hone your presentation, you could take it to other media markets.

    #2 – This might be an easier start, but in some ways more powerful. Look for speaking opportunities, especially through organizations that help communities. This could be a community aid or faith-based organization (your local church). Set up an evening and use the organization to turn out its interested members. Face-to-face communications is very powerful, but more work as it doesn’t quickly deliver the numbers as a big media blast might.

    Anyway, you know where to find me if you want to kick these ideas around.


    Nancy (aka Moneycoach) Reply:

    Thanks for your kind words Warren! And also for your excellent suggestions. You know, much as I’ve been resisting doing stuff locally, I keep hearing from all over that that’s what I oughtta be doing. So your concrete suggestions are falling on receptive ears at this point. I’ll keep you posted! Thanks again for popping by!


    isabella mori (@moritherapy) Reply:

    about 9 months ago, i did a little ask-around on LinkedIn regarding what established business owners saw as their best marketing method. public speaking/workshopping was clearly the winner.
    isabella mori (@moritherapy)´s last [type] ..the non-mental health camp recap: community support


    Sep 12, 2011
  5. ideas? you want ideas? ok, here we go …

    find a credit union to collaborate with. even a small one will do (gene? hello? can you hear me?). maybe you’ll have to do it on a charitable basis – “all proceeds will go to ….”

    find one of the big names to collaborate with. actually, for that one i’m willing to bet $100 or half of your first deal that comes out of it (whatever is larger ) that it will work, if you: come up with a good idea, draw up at least 20 names, research them, draw up smart verbal/written approaches based on that research, and contact them at least five times. want some ideas? anthony robbins, someone from the bentall family, philip smith, malcolm gladwell, bing thom, monika schnarre, peter mansbridge …

    you say your business is now a social enterprise? market the hell out of it – become THE expert on social enterprise online


    Nancy (aka Moneycoach) Reply:

    @Isabella now #2 in particular sounds like a Nancy Kinda Challenge! Love #1 and #3 too but the big names — To add to your list, I’m thinking Margaret Atwood, George Stephanopolous (?), Angus Reid, my secret forbidden crush (cuz we’re politically opposite) Andrew Coyne, or, hah! the if – I – had- $1M- guys, Bare Naked Ladies, K.D.Lang, OK, 2012, I’m going to stretch out of my zone and CONNECT with them! High virtual five Isabella!


    Sep 12, 2011
  6. Jenessa

    Hey Nancy – wish I could have participated a bit more in your launch. I checked a lot of it out later and still want to explore some more 🙂

    I am not sure if this fits with what you want to do but there is an online community, mostly of gamers, on RoosterTeeth.com I am not sure where you could best fit in but there are varying events held with fans and maybe it would be a good chance for you to be there, provide some advice, who knows!

    I was also going to suggest something along the lines of getting in there with the volunteer work. Going even further, hooking up with Katimavik (a government sponsored program for youth 17-21) could be a good in with the younger community. I participated in 2005-06 and we had to work with a tight budget and not always the best supplies. Some guidance could be useful within the program & of course for the youth after the program. A lot of my group went onto pursue a variety of things – post-secondary, small businesses, more travel, etc…


    Nancy (aka Moneycoach) Reply:

    Jenessssaaaaa — hello, and thanks so much for being part of my launch and celebration! I would have a blast diving into the gaming world and have been wanting to some time. And I have a winter of long, dark, cold nights starting very soon 🙂 And Katimavik – brilliant idea. I could go in and do a little workshop and then they could take it further if they wanted by doing the program, or not, as they saw fit. Great idea. Thanks again!


    Jenessa Reply:

    Absolutely 🙂 yay!


    Sep 12, 2011

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