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I need your help! My holiday plans (trip to Oregon) unexpectedly fell through. So, I’m going to have a ‘tourist in my own hometown’ (of Vancouver) holiday for the next couple weeks. I want to deeply unwind, rediscover vancouver, but also not break the bank. Ideas I have include:

  • day trip to Whistler with a friend
  • Festival Vancouver concert 1/2 price tix, day of concertVancouver Public Library
  • Spend all day at the library (I’m a nerd! and I never get to go there)
  • Monet/Dali exhibit
  • PNE on Saturday (free day!)
  • Book (suggestions? intelligent trash, if possible) and blanket on a beach

Any other suggestions for me?

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  1. while you’re at the library, there are a few wonderful books about walking and hiking in and around vancouver, as well as other hidden treasures here.

    for intelligent trash, i read robert b. parker, especially the older books.

    if you’re into socializing, why not try some meetups that you ordinarily wouldn’t go to?

    also, i believe netchick and http://vancal.wordpress.com/ talk about free/inexpensive events.


    Aug 14, 2007
  2. Eunice

    My favourite cheapo things to do:
    – daytrip to Bowen Island or Squamish
    – see what Half Price Tix have on offer
    – matinees at Tinseltown (cheap shows!)
    – spa treatments/haircut at an student salon
    – berry picking (while it’s still summer!)
    – consignment store shopping
    – go somewhere remote and stay at a hostel. Makes you feel young & lets you meet new people!

    I’ll post more when I can think of them!! 😀


    Aug 15, 2007
  3. Expensive holidays are overrated! Here’s what I love to do when when I want to stay local and don’t want to “break the bank”:

    – window shop along Robson Street – no buying – but enjoy a decadent coffee;
    – ride the skytrain end to end – get off periodically and explore other neighbourhoods in the Lower Mainland;
    – tour Chinatown;
    – pick a seawall (we have so many) and walk it;
    – bike-ride ANYWHERE;
    – drop-in for a Yoga session – I love Yoga Sukha on Arbutus & 16th;
    – pick up some art supplies and do some drawing or painting;
    – treat yourself to a mani or pedi – but do it yourself!;
    – be a photographer for a day – find something that interests you and take lots of pictures – perhaps frame a favorite and hang it up!;
    – host a pot-luck supper;
    – attend a baseball game at Nat Bailey Stadium with your friends.

    Have a great holiday Nancy!


    Aug 16, 2007
  4. wow! Thanks everyone! You really got the ideas flowing, and I’ve definitely incorporated a number of the ideas!
    – haircut (long overdue) using gift cert. I’d forgotten
    – o/night to bowen island at Rivendell
    – Stanley Park Seawall (as much as possible) in the evening (hoping for gentle rain. adds mystique)
    – Baseball game (thanks, Lana!)
    – manicure – I forgot I have the stuff. Thanks, I’ll use it!
    – meetup? well, Barcamp vancouver!
    – and Parker – trip to used book store planned, in lieu of (on strike) library.
    Does that all not sound wonderful? Honestly, I’m in for a lot of fun. (ps: already went to whistler, took the gondolas right to the top. AWESOME. not for the faint of heart though).
    Thanks again for the terrific suggestions.


    Aug 17, 2007

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