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Huge disclaimer: I am a Canadian money coach. I help people with the day-to-day financial issues like monthly cashflow/budgeting, getting out of debt, relationship with money. I am NOT a credentialed financial planner so today’s post is not professional advice – in fact, it’s not advice at all. It’s simply what I am going to do as someone who makes her own investment choices (and does a fine job, if I might add).

Here are 3 stocks I like:

Apple logo

  1. Apple. After a lifetime of being on the fringe, dwarfed entirely by Microsoft, I believe they are going to take giant strides into the market – and not just the pc market, the electronics market. The Ipod, safari for windows, and the hype around the iPhone: all these are some pretty mighty thrusts into the imaginations and wallets of the market. I think this will continue into exponential growth, and that purchases of imacs and macbooks will rapidly increase over the next 3 years as well.
  2. Bank of America. They give dividends of 5%. If the US lowers their interest rates in response to the credit crunch, this 5% will look increasingly attractive in comparison – plus, it’s a bank stock so the underlying asset will increase in value as well.
  3. Timminco. These guys (Canadian) make solar grade silicon metal – used for alternative (solar) energy. They’ve got solid contracts already in place plus a market with more demand than supply.

That’s what I’d do – after triple checking their balance sheets etc. – but repeat after me: Nancy is not a financial planner or advisor.  This is not official advice.  It’s just a peak into her own personal portfolio.  She may regret any one of these purchases, if things don’t play out as planned!

About the Author

Imagine if Canadians were known for being all over their money. Engaged. Proactive. Getting out of debt. Savvy. Saving. Generous. Nancy wants to help. Nancy started her own journey with money over 15 years ago, and formed her company “Your Money by Design” in 2004 to help others along the same path. It’s not the usual financial advising/investment stuff. It’s about taking control of day-to-day finances –managing monthly cashflow effectively, spending appropriately, getting out of debt, saving. If you're ready to take control over your finances, pop by her business site, YourMoneybyDesign.com


  1. Funny you should mention Timminco as I have a write-up prepared as well but to sell… I think it has gone up way too soon and way too fast so I am thinking of closing my position and taking the profits. I will wait until further news when they reach full production.


    Sep 24, 2007
  2. Warren

    Oh Money Coach! Perhaps a post on the mechanics of buying stock would be useful. When I used to shares 20 or so years ago, you were discouraged from buying anything less than a board lot (a thousand, hundred or ten shares based on the trading value of the stock). And of couse, one faced stiff trading fees and had to deal with stock brokers.

    Has this changed? Is it easier and cheaper to invest in companies now?



    Sep 24, 2007
  3. Mariam – lol – may the best woman win! (see my comment on your blog)

    Warren – tx for dropping by. I’m reluctant to post too extensively on the stock market since I’m a money coach, not a financial planner. I can say, I’ve been buying stocks on my own via a discount brokerage for about 10+ years now. The board lots are a thing of the past, thanks to online purchasing, I guess. I usually make sure I have a minimum of $1500 to invest in any one given company, simply to ensure the $19 brokerage fee doesn’t eat into it too far. I won’t be able to resist posting more on the topic, notwithstanding sentence #2. Keep checking in!


    Sep 25, 2007


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