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This woman captures all the depth of human longing – and it’s so not about money, is it?

I’m more than a little choked at the reasons both NPA and the media are surmising I – and 67,598 of my fellow vancouverites – voted for Gregor/Vision/COPE.

The reasons cited by NPA and the media are precisely illustrative of the fact that They Don’t Get It and seem genuinely at a loss as to why the NPA might be swept out.

1.  They Dissed Us: Ladner himself, on SHAW TV live coverage, commented to the effect that those of us (67,599 of us) voted on superficialities … implying at one point, as superficially as Robertson’s good looks.  Similarly De Genova commented:  “Gregor Roberson? Nice guy, looks good, speaks well. Has zero experience, zero knowledge to find his way around town,” De Genova said.   Last, Mayencourt dissed all of us by a comment on camera to the effect that the NPA would start work the next morning so that next election we’d elect a decent (or a word to that effect) council – implying our newly elected one is not decent.

This kind of naive, narcissistic incredulity that they could possibly, possibly be voted out of office – so much so that they accuse the electorate of voting based on superficialities – is precisely the attitude that got them the boot.

2.  Media think it’s about the scandal.  I’ve seen plenty of media speculation that the scandal played a role in the outcome.   It certainly wasn’t in my case:  It simply confirmed my opinion of the NPA – surreptitiously, egotistically, making back-room deals with big-business, possibly at the long-term expense of the average-joe-taxpayer (of which I’m one).

Here’s why I voted Vision, pure and simple:  they seem to give a damn about us citizens, in a way that the NPA just.plain.doesn’t.   Full stop.  

Readers:  If you voted for Vision, did the scandal play a role?  And do you think you voted for a similar reason as I did?

2447825721_4376799b80_m.jpgGregor:  Best wishes, congrats, and keep giving a damn.

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You’ve heard by now that the US auto industry is in it up to the tops of their heads.

The Big Three  are experiencing a drop in sales the likes of which they haven’t seen in a quarter century.

And as Charles Wilson (as in  Charlie Wilson’s War) said, “What’s good for GM is good for America.”

The auto-industry is now extending this to,  “What’s good for the auto-industry is good for Ontario” – or rather, “help us out to the tune of $2.5+Billion, or you’re gonna fail the pain.”  (sotto voce:  we already gave Ford Canada $100M in 2004)

And it’s true:  this year, 15,000 jobs have been lost to date, and there would be many more – “hundreds of thousands“, says CAW president, bleakly.

It’s galling that Canadians should have to help out US car manufacturers – the very ones who snuffed out the electric car in favour of SUVs, ’nuff said.

But if we don’t, and if the US Gov’t does, all the jobs will go to the States (and Obama may be protectionist enough to want this anyway), never to return to Canada.

Readers:  What do you think?  Given the Cdn auto industry accounts for 12% of all manufacturing in Canada, and that refusing to help bail out likely would cost well over 100,000 jobs plus the economic spin-offs, should we cough up the money?







2400813685_104605aeb6_m.jpgMy bro and his family have pretty much everything they want, and more, and they know it.  Their son, my gorgeous nephew, is thoroughly indulged and adored by his grandparents and similarly has everything he could want, and more.

So a couple years back, my brother put the halt on excessive gift-giving at Christmas.  Actually, not just a halt on excessive gift-giving, but on gift-giving period.

I haven’t fully observed my brother’s edict (and I don’t mean to overstate it, either – he’s just saying, “Look, we have enough.  Christmas doesn’t have to be about boxes and boxes and boxes) but it creates a challenge.  I’m one of the dying breed who truly enjoys both searching for, giving, and receiving gifts at Christmas.  I also think that, despite its excesses, having a holiday about giving is counter-cultural and good for us!

What to do?  What to do?

Last year, I gave some chickens and hens to a needy family, via World Vision.

This year, I’m giving and asking-to-receive only Used Gifts.  I’m looking forward to this, actually – spending a couple days in antique shops on Main Street, sifting through those weird little shops crammed with curios, and of course browsing UsedVancouver.

My own wish list includes books from Abe (online used bookstore), or used jewellry.

The trick is to find the hidden gems – items still in good condition, that will (I hope) delight the recipient and deserve to be reclaimed rather than landfill.

Readers:  any suggestions of particularly good used-anything?  And frankly speaking, if you were a friend of mine and received a used gift, would you think that was cool, or would you be secretly dismayed?