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FULL DISCLAIMER – this post is *not* about Nancy’s non-existent skills as a videographer (I only got my canon camera last weekend!).

It *is* about getting Fit in 15 in a way that is CANADIAN, fun, and also helps me get reaquainted with my hometown of Yellowknife, NWT (I just moved back after 20 years in Vancouver)

So, my fellow Fit-in-15ers, what’ve you got that can beat 15 minutes dancing at a Dene Drum Dance in Ndilo, Yellowknife, at midnight on summer soltice, on National Aboriginal Day!

And if anyone doubts that this dancing is exercise, you just try it. Just try it. Find a drum dance, and try it.

Readers: 1 point given if you describe a cultural event you’ve participated in that took you out of your comfort zone and gave you some exercise!

I did a lot of free activity today – gardening, walking around town, chores — but for my fit in 15, I wound down for the day with some yoga in the privacy of my own home, for free, thanks to iTunes vidcast of YogaToday. (free always pleases this money coach, naturally)

Grassy Backbend
It felt soooo good. (and no that’s not me in the photo)

Readers: a point to you in the iPod shuffle giveaway if you can recommend other free exercise sites online – stipulation: they need to have vidcasts. And be reasonably female friendly.

So for today’s Fit in 15, I walked to Yellowknife’s character-filled old town, and climbed up to the bush pilot’s monument. As you can see, the view is spectacular. There’s just one problem. This is my first time to use the video function on my camera. Foolishly, I filmed it vertically and for the life of me, I don’t know how to flip it on flickr.

Update – thanks, WoolyWoman, for the picassa tip! It let me rotate the video! That has GOT to have earned you 2 points in my little contest, don’t you think? Alas, I couldn’t seem to upload it to Flickr, but as you can see, YouTube came to the rescue.

If you can help me out on that with a tip that works, you’re entered in for a bonus point for my iPod shuffle and $20iTunes giveaway next week! Help?

Do kids still learn about the Precambrian Shield these days?  Bushman, you’re not a kid, but you’re the youngest person I know up north.  Did you learn about it?  Any other Canadians out there learn about it?

Little known fact #1:  The reason it is comprised of  bare rock is that the last ice age scraped the rock clean of soil.

Little known fact #2:  The shield is of interest re: the origin of human life, because the rock is 2.5 – 4 billion years old.  Freaky, huh?

For my Fit in 15 today I decided to take my dogs exploring the shield today.

Readers, you can get a point towards the iPod shuffle and $20 iTunes giveaway  for leaving me a comment either giving me more ideas of how I can spend 15 minutes both getting fit and getting to know Yellowknife, OR for giving me any more info about the Shield!



Hey friends, and especially my northern blog and twitter pals – help me get fit in 15, and I have an iPod shuffle and $20 itunes card to give away in one week!

Here’s the scoop:

The Canadian Chiropractic Association want to encourage Canadians to get Fit-in-15 minutes a day.

So they’ve created a fun Fit-in 15 site where anyone can register and start recording their 15-minutes of activity


they challenged a handful of bloggers like me to take their 1-week Fit in 15 challenge.

If I do 15 minutes of exercise every day for a week, I’ll have an ipod shuffle and $20 iTunes card to give away!

But here’s the thing.  I am sooooo NOT a gym person.  And I’m not an early-morning exercise person.  In fact, I’m not really an exercise person at all.  I’d rather tweet.

Having said that, I’m determined to meet this challenge, and I’d love your help, Northern Facebook/Blog/Twitter pals.

Here’s how you can help, and how I’ll select the recipient:

  1. Leave a suggestion for some way to get exercise in Yellowknife that will help me get to know Yellowknife better and is approximately 15 minutes.   It could be a great place to walk the dogs (I know about Niven and Frame Lake trails), or a nice (short) hike, or … whatever!  A way to get some exercise!   If you leave me a suggestion in my comments section, I’ll give you a point towards the prize.  (If you’ve never commented on a blog before, dive in!  Click on the word “comments” down below.  You’ll be asked for your e-mail but nobody sees that but me.  You can choose a fake username instead of your real one if you want.  And if you don’t have your own blog, don’t worry about completing the url)
  2. Drop by my blog any/all day each week.  I’ll be posting my activity every day.  If you leave me some encouragement, I’ll give you another point for each comment (one/day)!
  3. Do an activity yourself and leave a comment on my blog letting me know what you did!  Anything, for 15 minutes.  I’ll give you two points each time you do this!
  4. Spread the news! For each person you refer to this post who leaves a comment (ask them to mention you’d referred them) per above, you’ll get a point!
  5. Register on the Fit-in 15 Site yourself! Let me know, and I’ll give you 5 points!

Mostly, this is about finding ways to incorporate a bit of activity in our lives that’s fun, do-able, and will, over time, give positive results.  Hope you’ll jump in (ha ha) with me on this!

BTW, here’s what I did for 15 min. per day  (tell me you can see the difference … )




(and yes, this took me 15 minutes!)