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Canadians wanting to donate to help efforts in Haiti –

super easy via your cel phone.

Text 45678


$5 will be added to your cel phone bill, and all proceeds go through Salvation Army to relief efforts in Haiti.

I just did it and it was as easy as that.

Remember that delicious movie, The Devil Wears Prada?  My favourite scene was the one where Miranda scorningly points out that while it may be politically correct amongst intelligentsia to dismiss fashion, at the end of the day, the colours we all select from our re-used, recycled clothing were determined months and months before by the fashionistas.   We think they don’t impact us.  But they do.  Except we end up wearing just the yucky shades of the colours they’d promoted.  I’ve had a lot more respect for the fashion industry since watching that scene!

Now that I work for government, I’m increasingly aware that government has a similar effect.  Behind the scenes (or sometimes not!) it sets policies that ultimately determine things that matter in our every day life.  Things like if tuition is affordable, if we have generous access to the internet, if more green energy options will be available, if we can book an appointment with a physician:  Or Not.

Who is in power affects us more than is readily apparent.  But it matters.  Most people will know by now about the prorogation issue. Those of us who are part of the facebook group have been challenged:  Are you just willing to click a group link?  Or will you do more?   I’ve done, and will do, more, and today, I challenge you to do the same.   Join me in putting your money where your political mouth is.

Believe minimal government is the best?  And that the government should primarily concern itself with ensuring Canada has a free market?  Give some money to the Conservatives to help them stay in power.

Believe, like me, that business is awesome, but the only good business is one that benefits people and the planet as well as makes profit? (or at bare minimum, genuinely and completely mitigates any negative impact it has on people and the planet)?  Support the Green Party.

Believe that gov’t should be more than bare bones, but rather, a coming together of middle-of-the-road Canadians, to help shape how we want to Be, as a society?  Donate to the Liberals.

Believe that the people who truly make this country work are those who day in, day out, perform the sometimes mundane tasks that create the economy in the first place?  And that we all benefit by helping people who can’t/don’t help themselves?  Donate to the NDP.

I just did.  It wasn’t anything my bank account can’t handle. But I did.  I put my money where my political mouth is.

And when you’ve done that, come back for a revisit of the fabulous Meryl Streep:

What’s important to you in life?

  • friends?  hospitality?
  • travel?
  • a nice-sized nest egg?
  • causes?
  • the environment?
  • your home?

Take some time to clarify and prioritize these, then keep these in mind as you spend – are your hard-earned dollars going toward the life you want, or being frittered on things that don’t really matter that much?

My priorities have changed this year.  In the past, it was about hospitality.   This year, it’s more about geeky things (I bought an apple TV! and a big-screen TV! and a digital camera!  and an iPhone!  see?  I wasn’t kidding…) – perhaps because that helps me still feel very much in touch with people I care about who are scattered across the globe.

We’re nearly at parity again: $100USD will cost you only $103Cdn.

I plan to stock up on etsy purchases. I’m not quite ready to use borderlinx yet – that will happen if our dollar become 10% or so higher than the USD, but we’re not taking the hit we did even a few months back on our exchange rate. I’ll also be looking to buy some stocks in the US.

(Cdn) READERS – are you planning any US purchases? What is your criteria for when to purchase or not re: exchange rate? And do you physically cross-border shop, or use online or …?

What does your wallet / purse say about you and your finances? Is it cluttered? Well-organized? Full of credit cards? Cash only?

Before the week is over, take 15 minutes to unclutter your wallet. Put some zen there! By that I mean, eliminate any items you don’t need on a regular basis (do you really need all those loyalty cards?), or which don’t serve you well (retail credit cards?). Make your wallet something which is minimalist, organized and shows respect for your finances.