A Money Coach in Canada

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I am so not a handy-person.   But it’s a great way to save money (if you do it reasonably well) and in Yellowknife there’s such a shortage of skilled labour that most work costs folks their firstborn (or in my case, a floppy-eared daschund).

So.  I’m getting bold.  I’m getting determined.  And with the help of youtube, I’m learning how to fix things myself.

Take a guess at what my first project was.  Here’s a clue:

The Canadian gov’t is making it tougher to buy condos. Apparently Flaherty is doing this to save us from ourselves. I don’t yet know what to make of this. In any case, here’s a good article that shows how it will affect our purchasing power.

Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) is taking medical leave again. But Apple followed that news up by announcing their revenue was up 70% compared to last year. w00t! If I may be so bold: I bought shares when they were just over $200. Check out Apple’s current stock price.

Wendy’s is going to sell off Arby’s. (any readers old enough to remember Where’s The Beef?)

…and your favourite consumer products are the same price, but 20% smaller. That’s one way to hide inflation, I suppose…
Kraft Singles American Cheese

If you want to manage your money more effectively, you’re in the right place. In January we’ve kickstarted some new thinking and exercises on the topic. Come by each Wednesday and weekend for posts.

Last weekend was all about identifying your unique strengths.
You now have a composite that should inspire and encourage you.


Now it’s time to apply those strengths to managing your money effectively. So grab a pen and paper (or open your macbook, or whatever) and have at ‘er. Think of at least three strengths and brainstorm new ways you can bring them to bear on your money.

To get your thoughts going:

  • Are you a good team player?  Why not consider buddying up with others who also want to become expert money managers and pull together as a team? Smart Cookies did it!  So could you!
  • Are you good at engineering or systems?  What would happen if you spent some time developing an elegant, systematic approach to your money?
  • Are you a big thinker?  Give yourself permission to think big about your money.   What do you want it to do for you?  For the world?  Then start taking steps (more later on that topic) to realize it?
  • Are you good at conversation?  Do people feel at ease with you?  Try talking to people about their best strategies for handling money, and let it inspire you and give you ideas.
  • Are you good at Excel?  Create a whiz-bang spreadsheet for yourself
  • Are you skilled creating graphics?  Make yourself some charts about your debt, your savings, your net worth and update them regularly.

The list is endless.  The point is, capitalize on your strengths.  Be creative.  Let yourself grow and develop further muscle as you apply your strengths in new ways.

Readers – I’m super-interested if you care to share:  what is one of your strengths that you already use effectively in managing your money?

Have you ever made a dreamboard? When Jamie tweeted about her Dream-Boarding exercise it captured my imagination. Most of my days are pretty business oriented and getting every day life done. This was some “me time”. Here’s a glimpse into my own hopes and dreams. (I’m a little self-conscious about posting this.)

General themes of health, beauty and home…

…awareness of our mortality …

…hoping my upcoming renovations result in some cool, clean lines …

…social justice (Ghandi’s Seven Deadly Sins are worth reading)…

…planning to buy property in a few cities (including Detroit!)…

It was a delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon and led to some pretty profound personal insights. If you’ve never done one, I highly recommend it. Thanks Jamie!

Monday’s posts usually gently celebrate the Art of Contentment.

But I cannot be fully content until we are all fully content, can you?

So on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day I’ll pause and invite you to reflect perhaps not specifically on “the negro” but on the vast and deep inequities in this world of ours, and consider whether MLK’s challenge has something to say to you and me.