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A Captured Moment with my Grandson

What are you doing right?
Your habits with money. What are you doing right, already?

  • Are you good at finding genuine deals?
  • Are you good at staying out of debt?
  • Are you good at being generous?
  • Are you good at finding or getting money when you need it?
  • Are you good at making things or repairing things yourself?

Is there a way you could enhance that?

Last Wednesday’s post was about applying your unique strengths to your money habits.
Today’s post is more direct. You do have money habits. And some of them are good. Note them and find ways to expand them.

Here’s something I’m good at. I’m good at investing. I’m good both at reading the financial pages (an acquired, and addicting, skill) and I’m good at kinda just telling what companies are going to take off, just before they actually do take off. Starbucks – check. Westjet – check. Le Chateau – check. Apple – check.

This is a good habit I have – reading, watching, setting money aside and then buying stock.
(REMINDER THOUGH – I’m not a financial planner and THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL PLANNING ADVICE. It’s simply a personal anecdote re: what I’m good at.)
I can do this a little bit, say, every quarter. But I can enhance my financial picture by doing it more frequently, and increasing my investments amount a bit. This will pay off for me.

So what are you good at? And could you do more of it? How might doing more of it pay off for you?

PS If you do want financial planning, visit my friends Tanya and Barry’s site.
PS If you want help with the basics like how to resist impulse purchases and getting out of debt, I’m taking beta testers to test my program in early February before we roll out completely live!

Oh you may think this is just any old bacon. But I assure you. It is not! This, folks, this is the FIRST BACON I’VE HAD SINCE SUMMER 2009! Summer 2009 I saw FoodInc and lost all stomach for participating in the meat industry. But this little piggy had a free-range, organically fed life. And I’m assuming it had a humane death.
And I bought it last summer. And now it arrived up here in Yellowknife thanks to the uber-cool folks who source and cooperatively buy organic meat and ship it up here. THANK YOU JESS!
Contentment? ohhhh yeaaaaaah!

Steff – or anyone else – I’m hoping you can give me an awesome recipe for leg roasts? (legs aren’t a bad cut are they?) I have 4! And a shoulder shank? and What.On.Earth am I to do with a hunk of PORK FAT and also a whole bunch of hocks?

Bacon!  Free range organic bacon!  Hallelujah!

bacon!  bacn!  I live again

Breakfast of champions including free range organic bacon

Free range, certified organic pork from Sunworks

My 1/4 pig arrived!  Hello port roasts.  Hello pork ribs.

This is so far outside my scope of existence I almost don’t know what to make of it. Anyone ever lived in Africa? Anyway I was riveted. A bit of economics, a bit of sociology (bend down! the Chief wants some sauce with his rice!) and a whole lotta rhythm.


In my January series about changing money habits the focus to date has been on working with our strengths rather than relying heavily on will power. This leads to greater probabilities of success.

Here’s another known phenomena. Too many choices paralyze us. Once again, we need to work with ourselves, not against ourselves. This means we need to narrow our habit changes. This is counter intuitive. We typically want to get going and getridofourdebt|createandkeepabudget|shopmorefrugally|sockmoneyintoourRRSPs all at the same time. No. No, no, no.

Focus on One Thing At A Time.

So here’s a question I’ve asked before and I’ll ask again: What one small money habit, if you applied it regularly and consistently over three years, would have a dramatic (positive) impact on your finances?

ps – My offer to take my money-coaching online program at no charge in exchange for being a beta tester has flown off the shelves! I have room for a few more. Interested? Check this out.