A Money Coach in Canada

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I’m not sure about the weather where you live, but as of Feb. 28th, Yellowknife is still deep in winter, Calgary (where I’m visiting) is experiencing near-blizzard conditions (honestly, it’s as cold as Yellowknife with the wind!) and I hear even Vancouver has snow and freezing rain.
But …. a great time to hunker down inside and get some decluttering done!
And declutter our finances we shall. Wednesdays posts will focus on some mental clutter about finances (begone, self-sabotaging thoughts!) and Saturday posts will focus on those long-standing pesky things that slow us down but we never quite seem to clean up. This is the month to get ‘er done!

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Oh the joy my dachshunds have brought into my life! And contentment? There’s nothing quite like reading a book on a cold winter Sunday, hot chocolate nearby and my two little friends snuggled up with me. Life is just better with dogs in it.

Watch the video below (yay, Dragon’s Den for getting behind this!) Then buy this. I’m going to.

Quick —> which 5 people do you love the most?

Quick —> which 5 possessions are most valuable to you?

Quick —> have you got a will?

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MY! What a quarter I’ve had! 2 months without a tenant followed by Christmas and travel, plus purchasing a new fridge and a new macbook plus a $700 vet bill plus $600 in semi-annual property taxes due plus helping out someone who needed a serious chunk of change plus the deposit on some renos LEAVES A GIRL BROKE for a bit, even if she is a money coach who sets aside funds for these sorts of things.
So my desperately-needed winter holiday was doomed.

Or so I thought.

A colleague is moving from Yellowknife back to Halifax and because her car didn’t sell is making the drive down to Edmonton. “Anyone care to accompany me? I’ll pay for the gas!” she said. “Pick me! Pick me!” I cried.

And then despair: no good deals to fly home to be found! I mourned piteously to a brilliant and fabulous friend who brilliantly and fabulously pointed out, “don’t you have any airmiles?” I leapt up immediately to check and SQUEEE by buying a few more for $25 I had enough, just enough, to fly home from Calgary!

Joy and Rapture!

It gets better. I have some wonderful friends (ever heard of Netchick? Oh yes, I bet you have!) in Calgary to visit and who have also kindly agreed to host me!

Mostly, it’s a working holiday to work on this blog (hoping to jazz up its look) but man oh man, I’m looking forward to seeing good friends from my Vancouver days plus being in a city. A city! I love Yellowknife but there’s nothin’ wrong with a few sirens in the background. And six-lane traffic (or at least four). And Starbucks wherever your eye can see (don’t sneer til you’ve gone without one for weeks on end). And London Drugs. AND AN APPLE STORE.

I do plan to splurge a bit — a spa treatment, a dinner out, a brunch out, maybe a 3-D movie? (any recos?)

But still, this fell together in a glorious and frugal manner and to all those who made it possible (you know who you are) a big thank-you.

Readers, how ’bout you? Have you ever had an unexpected holiday or getaway that was amazingly inexpensive? (in a good way, I mean! Not like, say, losing your wallet so sleeping in your car instead.)