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When I was a kid, some parents made their young teenagers smoke several cigarettes in a row til they got absolutely sick and utterly turned off of smoking.

If we’re not convinced yet that we need to radically rethink our consumption here are some visuals that might do the trick. I know these made me want to opt out. We’re not even talking “for the planet” or “for the good of others”. We’re just talking, “let’s stop being disgusting!”

1. This used to be a working canal (photo credit: JP )
Plastic Floats

2. A clip from the TV series Hoarders. (we have a TV series about hoarders? Yes. Yes, we do).

3. Or then we could all end up like this.

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The digital wars are ON!

Scotiabank loses CDs containing customers private information

Citibank was seriously hacked, affecting 200,000 accounts

Military contractor Lockheed Martin (fighter jets and tech) was hacked

Microsoft must pay $290M to Canadian firm

83% of Cdn CEOs say an [increasingly] limited supply of skilled workers is a key challenge

And of course the biggie:  Apple has just monetized piracy??

1.  Turn off the TV

2.  Borrow an item next time you need / want it, rather than purchasing it

3.  Sit very still and breathe deeply for five minutes every day

4.  Befriend an aesthetic of minimalism

5.  Purchase quality items

Please add to this list in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Tolka Rover

Hi all.
Some of you may recall I’d intimated some change was afoot in my Yellowknife home. After debating and number crunching, I finally decided my kitchen had to go. I’m thrilled with the results and the best way to put it is that the place has changed from being The Place I Reside to HOME.


And More Before (love the vinyl, heh?):

And One Last Before Pic (the fridge used to rust on the side, for heaven’s sake. No idea why):
old fridge

(featuring re-purposed corrugated backsplash, re-purposed “butcher block,” energy efficient fridge and dishwasher, cork (renewable resource, and yes I realize this is debated), and concrete table made by local artisan):

Renovated Kitchen


I’m pretty pleased. Of course, Karen would have done it all herself. But she has a kind of awesome that I just don’t have. Yet.