A Money Coach in Canada

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If you’re like me, you’ve had a few war-wounds with money by now.

One of my own horror stories: for a couple years I faithfully plugged away at giving a mutual fund my precious dollars. I’d invested in a fund that seemed good and no-one told me the company who sold it to me wouldn’t call me up when it was tanking (what did I know? I was just a 20-something kid at the time!). And tank it did. So I took my meagre leftovers and trustingly handed every dollar of it to a stock broker. Then he, literally, moved to the Caymen Islands. By the time the complete carnage was over, I was left with $200 bucks. Really.

Thankfully, a girlfriend coaxed me into joining a women’s investment club. Together, we Twandians learned how the market worked, and honest-to-goodness, never made less than 20% in the five years I was in the club (this includes over the disastrous 2000!)

Now, of course, I know how to choose my own stocks, and also how to keep on top of mutual funds I purchase through an advisor (and I’ve known many fine advisors who haven’t moved to the Caymens).

Financial Turnarounds. If you’d like to inspire yourself by other people’s stories of financial $(#* and back, check out the 100 most inspirational financial turnaround stories.

They’re real, their fun, and there will be a least one that will speak to your own situation. Unless you’ve had a financially perfect life.

Do I have a great prize for you! If you’re looking for a new bank, or need to set up a business account, and if you are not currently a VanCity member, I’ve got 2 great deals to give away:

1. Personal Banking at Vancity– new account. Includes these bonuses:

  • 1 yr free fee chq (then I recommened their $7 electronic pkg. as long as you’re a do-it-yourself-er, it’s the least expensive banking product I know of)
  • enviroGold visa – $99 fee waived first year. great points pkg.
  • peferred term rate – usually available only if you have a serious chunk of change in terms (note: this is for locked in terms)
  • line of credit at prime +1 (up to $10K)
  • staff mtg rate
  • 10% off insurance products (except life ins.)

2. Business Banking – at Vancity

  • Fee free chq account for 1 yr
  • $100 credit towards cheques
  • LOC at prime (up to $25K)
  • Expense GoldVisa card )($99 waived first yr)\
  • 5% off business insurance

Interested? Here’s the deal.

1. Respond with a comment below, stating 1 thing you do to save money in greater Vancouver.

2. Then send me an e-mail stating which account you’re interested in. I’ll enter you in the draw: contest closes next Wed., June 20th. (note: you will still need to qualify for credit products – ie., credit score etc.)

ps – full disclosure: I work part-time for one of Vancity’s subsidiaries, Citizens Bank of Canada, hence I am able to offer these. It’s a staff inside-scoop.

The best laid plans … and yet, I’m still panicking as I pull together my receipts for my marvelous accountant. Does anyone with a business give CRA flawless records? Every last dime collected, dollar spent? I believe in paying taxes, and don’t typically gripe about it: I see all around me where our tax dollars are going. Still, this is not a fun process. At all.

ps:  does the fact that I stumbled on a map about tExAs  (and gdp) as I’m working on my tAxEs mean anything at all?

Econ 101. It’s not so hard! GDP means “gross domestic product”, or in other words, if we added up all the stuff we produce as a country, plus all the services we provide, put a dollar value on it all for the year, what would the total be? Well according to this map, Canada’s gdp was the same as Texas. Should we laugh, or cry?

Being a money coach is wonderful, but also stressful:  I’m supposed to practice what I preach!  I’ve been spending waaaay too much on eating out and, yes, lattes (again!).   It’s kaiboshing (sp?) my life in other areas, ie., I am falling short of my other important goals as a result.

The thing is, it’s not like it’s even pleasurable eating out.  Rather, it’s because I’m rushing around, open the fridge to grab some food and nothing much is there!  By now, hungry and desperate, I go to Incendios and pay $20 for a pizza.  It’s great pizza, but I’d prefer to pay that and enjoy it with a measure of intention behind it, not out of reaction to a depleted fridge.  And that’s the best of it – usually, I endure McDonald’s or something equally outrageous that leaves me feeling gross and annoyed with myself.

So it’s back to basics for me, for the summer.  My goal is to consistently plan a menu for the week, and have a well-stocked kitchen to facilitate it (but not too much!  I hate limp lettuce, too!)

Anyone care to join me on this for the summer? Or have some tips, suggestions, strategies?

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