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It’s freebie (or nearly) Wednesday, and here are a couple goodies:

1. It’s PNE time! and this Saturday, you can get in for free from 9am – noon. The rest of the fairtime is still a good deal – check out the PNE concert series, which includes Trooper, Christopher Cross (sailing ….), Destino tenors and more.

2. And then, there’s this. $100, sterling silver bracelet, with the Shakespeare Quote, “Your silence most offends me, and to be merry best becomes you.” If you want it, it’s yours – contact Neill via www.10onWednesday.com


The GapThis is juicy financial gossip; the kind I love.

Last week, The Gap tossed their former CEO and scooped up Canadian Glen Murphy. Murphy has been the top of the chain at Shopper’s for the past six years, during which he doubled Shopper’s earnings.

Still, the yahoo finance article referred to him as the ‘little known drugstore drugstore’ leader. Now did they mean he’s little known, or Shopper’s is little known? And while drugs presumably is Shopper’s biggest revenue generator, referring to Shopper’s as a ‘drugstore’ seems…. well… where is Rick Mercer when we need him?

I need your help! My holiday plans (trip to Oregon) unexpectedly fell through. So, I’m going to have a ‘tourist in my own hometown’ (of Vancouver) holiday for the next couple weeks. I want to deeply unwind, rediscover vancouver, but also not break the bank. Ideas I have include:

  • day trip to Whistler with a friend
  • Festival Vancouver concert 1/2 price tix, day of concertVancouver Public Library
  • Spend all day at the library (I’m a nerd! and I never get to go there)
  • Monet/Dali exhibit
  • PNE on Saturday (free day!)
  • Book (suggestions? intelligent trash, if possible) and blanket on a beach

Any other suggestions for me?

The financial consumer agency of canada did a study last fall on Canadians and their banking habits.bank

How do you compare?

60% of Canadians deal with only one bank for everything.

8% opened or tried to open a new account at a new financial institution last year

59% claimed that their total monthly service fees were less than $10

85% have a credit card; 58% had more than one credit card – 49% have one at a f.i. other than their primary f.i. ; 3.3 million got a new card last year; 45% carry a balance from month to month

46% used the internet for personal banking; 42% used only in-person traditional banking; 25% use telephone banking

6% claimed they had a serious problem with their institution last year = 1.4 million canadians

60% said they find most information about financial matters hard to understand

What are your banking habits? One institution only? How much do you pay in fees?

smiley kidJust discovered the vancouver blog: overheard in vancouver, in which Vancouverites post conversation snippets they overhear. Did a query for ‘money’ and this is what i found:

Money well spent
Overheard on Granville St.:
Guy to his buddies: “You’re going to spend our hooker money on a cab?”

This would make a mother proud

Overheard at Kits pool over the long weekend. Two bling-ed out bikini clad teens pondering their future careers …
Teen #1 ” He earns like $250 k a month!”
Teen #2 ” Jesus what does he do?”
Teen #1 ” He’s a ganster. Can you imagine what its like to have that much money”
Teen #2 ” […]

That’s what friends are for

Overheard on the street in Kits,
Four young, teenage boys walking down the street:
One kid in the group says to another, “Hey! Why are you friends with that guy,anyways?”
The other boy replies, defensively, “I’m not friends with him! I just borrow money from him!”
Thanks to Sam for the submission.