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By all accounts its a stunning exhibit, and it ends Sept. 16th.  It’s a deal at any price, but if you want the super-deal, you can pay by donation on Tuesday evenings, from 5-9pm.  Thanks, SunLife, for sponsoring.

Monet Water Lilies

FacebookYou and I think of MySpace and Facebook as the place we keep in contact with people. But behind the scenes, make no mistake, these are business enterprises. Will Facebook put MySpace out of business? They may be catching up, but they’ve got a long ways to go.

MySpace has a unique audience of 61 million; Facebook 19.5 million. Each visitor spent nearly 3 hours on MySpace, but only barely an hour on Facebook.

MySpace was purchased 2 years ago by News Corp for $280 million, and this year will likely earn $800 million in this fiscal year’s advertising revenue. They earn $1.50 per 1000 page hits.

Now that’s business.


Sarah lives in Edmonton with her 11 year old son Sam. For a number of weeks he’d been saving up his allowance to buy a pokemon game. He was $6 away.

One day, Sam had a truly tough day at school. He came home discouraged, and no amount of talking could bring him out of his mood. Sam asked his mom to lend him the $6 he needed so that he could go to the store and get the game, to help him feel better.

Sarah thought about it, and decided against it. Her reasoning was two-fold:debt piggy bank

– she didn’t want her son, at 11, to get accustomed to borrowing money to gratify a desire for a purchase item

– she didn’t want her son to look towards buying something as a means of feeling better about unrelated events.

To her surprise, most of her friends responded negatively. They thought for $6, if he could have been cheered up, Sarah should have forked over. Sam’s grandfather in fact, differed enough that he bought the game for Sam (somewhat to Sarah’s annoyance).

What do you think? How would you have handled this?

The queen owns it, and I’m not allowed to reproduce it on this blog (well, I could, I’m just to lazy to write and ask for permissions), but if you’re interested in Leonardo DaVinci’s visual take on Material Possessions, this is worth the visit.“Cloud of Material Possessions”