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Nancy Zimmerman, the moneycoach

Nancy Zimmerman, the moneycoach

We’ll be doing a Twitter chat off and on all day, so keep checking back as this is updated. If you want to join in, the hashtags to use are #ymbd and #money. If you’re not on Twitter, you can just email us your comments to [email protected] and they’ll go in the CoverItLive window automatically.

Here’s Nancy giving you the scoop on money coaching, wallet control, and helping people through YourMoneyByDesign.com.

Pre-launch surprise: Seeing if we can reach the famous John Chow!

Skip to exactly 4:00 on the video if you don’t want to hear a whole lot of “are we live? Which do we click now?” sort of chaos. What can we say, live events are lively!

I grew up with a keen awareness of what we could not afford. This was exacerbated by living a lower-middle-class life in Canada’s highest-per-capita income city and also by the fact that my two best friends during my formative years were in decidedly different socio-economic demographics (not that it was ever, not even once, flaunted).

The kinds of holidays, the size of homes, the clothing, the bedroom decor, even the refrigerator contents –  I knew what we could not afford. Most of the time it didn’t bother me, at least not consciously.   But still, I knew.   And over time, and combined with some other life circumstances, I developed what I’d call a poverty mindset. A poverty mindset is one whose default is “only just enough, if that”.   It is one that is quietly (or not)  suspicious of wealth and wealthy people.   It is one that either desperately pays attention to managing money, or avoids it altogether.

A poverty mindset kills the joy and good energy around money.

Long ago, I loosened this stranglehold mindset, and now money, and my mindset around it, means something entirely different.  Night and day different.  I’ll post about my new mindset later, but in the meantime,

Here are two techniques that helped me break out of that mindset. You can do it too, and you can help your kids do it.

1.  Replace “I can’t afford it”   with “How can I afford it?”

Do you feel the difference?  The former stifles all possibility.   The latter opens up possibility and invites creative response.  It creates options.

Bonus:  this one is a great one to use with kids and helps them inculcate a mindset of financial possibility from the get-go.  Next time they ask for something, ask them to come up with ideas on how they can afford it  (emphasis:  how they can afford it).

2. Cool visualization exercise – the dissolving flower / cloud

If you suffer a poverty mindset, there are probably a number of  unhelpful beliefs and feelings towards money riddled throughout your mind and heart-of-hearts.   These will be influencing all your approaches to money.  Here’s what to do with them.

a. Sit somewhere quietly, close your eyes, and take a few deep, full breaths to centre and focus yourself.

b. Visualize either a flower with many petals or a cloud floating in front of you.

c. Let each unhelpful belief come to the surface of your mind, then take that particular belief and place it on a petal or the cloud.

c. Do this for as long as the various beliefs or thoughts arise, each time placing it on the petal or cloud.

d. Then allow that flower or cloud to float away from you further and further into space and (important) as it floats away, visualize it dissolving.   The petals gently separate from the flower.  And then each petal and the core begins to simply, softly dissolve into nothing as it continues to float away into infinite space.   I you visualize the cloud,  imagine it gently pulling apart from itself into smaller and smaller drifts as it moves further and further away.  Each flower or cloud becomes nothing.

e. Re-emerge to your day, open your eyes, take a deep breath and experience the lightness and freedom after the release that will have occurred.

Do this exercise as often as you need to.  And if you embrace these exercises, I’d love to hear how they play out for you, so pop back and leave a comment.

PS – if you want to start managing your day-to-day money effectively, my online program will give you a solid foundation.  Even if things are a bit tight for you right now, it will help!  And it’s affordable for just about anyone, at $25.

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It’s all coming together, this virtual launch party!

Saturday Sept 10, between 11am – 7pm.  POP BY OFTEN!

*Mountain Standard Times*

11:00 – live-stream video kick-off right here on my blog.

11:15 – noon  TWITTER-CHAT with some of Canada’s most illustrious Personal Finance folks!  Head over to Twitter where you can join a twitter-chat with…

  • the amazing Krystal, of Give Me Back my Five Bucks fame.  She got herself out of student loan hell and into Vancouver’s housing market BLAZINGLY FAST.   Find out how!
  • We’ll also be joined by Marcy Berg , a delightful mortgage broker from Toronto who will talk about common financial muddles she sees  (mortgage brokers see it all, you know!).
  • With any luck, Squawkfox whose blog about frugality took off into the stratosphere and who wrote  the book 397 Ways To Save Money will pop by as well (fingers crossed)  Update – no luck this time.  Catch you next time, Squawkfox!

We’ll be using the hashtag #money  — how easy is that?  So come chat with us!


Melanie (not her real name) has gone through a few life changes recently.  She got married to Liz (not her real name either) and has returned to school.   Melanie plans to start my program It’s Your Money.  She’ll give me an overview of her finances, and I’ll give her some strategies and tips to help her rock the program.


I’m not giving any hints of what the questions are but there will be questions and prizes!

Pop by and see how much you know about money!

If you’re not connected to my facebook page yet, for heaven’s sake come on over! 🙂

Join a livestream conversation with me and my former boss (who was an awesome boss!) who now helps mid-life and “silver collar” folks with their careers and retirement strategies.
We’ll be right here on this blog, and you can chime in with comments (typed) on my Facebook page. We’ll have strategies and tactics to help you order your finances so that you don’t feel so trapped. BONUS part: discussion for those who have retired, but can’t quite make ends meet.

2:30 -3:30 pm –  YMbD ALUMNI HOUR – hear how clients past and present have benefitted by taking charge of their money! Prepare to be inspired. You may even be able to ask some of them questions.

3:45pm – enroute to a Yellowknife-based money coaching sessions – we’ll livestream the transit. See Canada’s north! (Great Slave Lake! maybe even some Ice Pilots in action!)

Lesley (not her real name) is a middle-aged woman, mom of 3 young-adult kids, whose husband suddenly left her. She has a good income, but has not had to be in charge of her finances before.  She’ll describe her story, and we’ll take it from there.

5:30 pm – 7pm  HANGOUT WITH ME!  SAY HI!  I’ll be live-streaming via SKYPE and G+ and Facebook.  Some local friends will be with me In Real Life too.

Give me your best piece of advice for how to get the word out about my program (without buying a page in the NYT!) and you’ll be entered in a draw for $100 gift certificate for Amazon!

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