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No more sleeps. 11 more hours. (there is a money tip by the f):

According to a whole lotta people, and Gary in particular, today is “Good People Day”. I’m a suck for spotlighting businesses and people and activities that are doing something right in this ol’ world of ours, so I’d buy into the day even if … I hadn’t already lined up a guest post from Jennifer Sweeney, running for the VanCity Board of Directors. (*ahem* sotto voce VanCity members: have you voted yet?)
We had coffee last week, and I asked her to give me some thoughts about money (useful to know, if she wins a seat, yes?)



photo credit: Esdras

Thanks so much for asking me to write for your guest blog. When we
met we talked about the book “The Soul of Money” and how it helped
both of us become more comfortable in resolving our own relationship
with money and recognizing that money is simply a tool, neither good
nor bad.

Like many people, I grew up with confusing messages about money. It
was good when you needed something, like food for the family. Money
was good to work for and it was a good thing to save. At the same
time it seemed to be wrong if you had too much, or if you spent it on
the “wrong” things.

Eight years ago I began a journey trying to figure out a model that
would satisfy my entrepreneurial spirit with my profession. I founded
a non-profit charity, naively thinking that other people would
understand what I was trying to accomplish.

I had dreams of developing a social enterprise where we could create
programs that would generate money in order to fund more charitable
aspects of our mission. I was so inspired by work being done around
the world and by a few organizations locally. I went to every event
that Vancity sponsored, including the book launch for “The Soul of

I still get surprised when people react to the word “business” in a
negative way, especially since I’ve seen so many people thrive and
create employment and places of meaning and belonging for lots of
people. Recently, I have come to the conclusion that nothing is
inherently good or bad — not money, or business . . . not even

So, what do I think of money now? It is a powerful tool that, used
well, can provide all of us with the freedom to create and care for
each other. When we all understand that money is best when circulated with clear intent, we will create a better world . .

I’m convinced of that. That’s why I want to be part of the Vancity board.


In Vancouver, Diesel Sample stock all 60-75% off, intel courtesy of I Love Sample Sales.

And for readers in the TO area, the illustrious Bargainista has the details on a wide-ranging sample sale (Drifter, T Luxury et alia) – act fast, it ends tomorrow (Thur. Apr 3)

And is it just me or is something seriously wrong with this picture?!? Read it carefully.

Photo Credit: The consumerist

Last Tuesday, I wrote my Angst Post about our economy which may be going you-know-where in a you-know-what.

The first of April, 2008 is not making me feel any better at all, especially after a VP of Citibank issued  this press release.

Note: the explanation gets more clear about partway down the page.


OOPS! I guess someone in HR forgot to code something so someone in compensation would know to update their files so someone in payroll would drop a few dollars into my account on payday (last Friday).

Thankfully, the amazing person to whom I report confirmed her amazing-ness by getting all over this so with any luck my mortgage won’t bounce tomorrow. (and payroll did cut me a temp cheque, just not as much as it should be).

These things happen. But I cancelled my weekend getaway to Hawaii and just stayed home.