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 Lame Title, but the question remains:

Is Apple Care worth it?

I have always understood that buying insurance on tech items was for suckers.  However, I have often heard that Apple Care is actually a good deal.

Most recently, I heard it on Leo Laporte’s MacBreak Weekly.


(I think it was Scott who buys it with each apple product).

Readers:  any opinions out there?

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  1. brad

    I bought AppleCare this year for the first time ever, after more than 20 years of using Macs. It’s too early to tell if it’s a good deal, but I decided to go for it because every single Mac I’ve owned over these past two decades has either come with or eventually developed significant hardware problems. It’s a fact of life that Apple doesn’t do a great job on quality control. Most of the problems I’ve had emerged during the first year of ownership when my Mac was still under warranty, but enough issues occurred in the second or third year to make me feel like AppleCare might be a good idea.

    Ironically, the computer I bought AppleCare for (my new MacBook Pro) has so far turned out to have no problems at all, in contrast to my previous PowerBook, IBook, iMacs, and earlier models, all of which had hardware glitches right from the get-go.

    As a general rule, I avoid extended warrantees and have never purchased them for anything I own. But I decided to make an exception for Apple.


    Sep 08, 2008
  2. Chris

    I have bought Apple Care for several notebooks for myself and family members . Used it once when hard drive crashed. Probably best for the first time buyer as you can ask questions easily and they will very nicely help you. For an experienced Apple user I often question the value.
    Biggest annoyance was when I had two notebooks on Apple Care and one expired Apple Care . I had an issue with the one of three notebooks in the house whose Apple Care had expired, and to answer my question they wanted $60. I hung up and searched the internet for the answer. So no loyalty benefits with Apple Care even when the first Apple I bought was an Apple II.


    Sep 08, 2008
  3. wow – that’s not what I think of, when I think Macs! I thought they were exceptionally robust. yikes – hope I don’t get any of the surprises you described. Time to start another savings account??


    Sep 08, 2008
  4. brad

    I think of Macs the same way I think of Volkswagens: great engineering, excellent design, world-class advertising, lousy quality control. I love my Mac and have loved every one of the Macs I’ve owned over the past two decades, but in my experience they are trouble-prone. Not the operating system, of course, which is a tank (I’ve been using OSX since it first came out and it has crashed exactly once in all those years). I’m talking about hardware: laptop screens, CD/DVD drives, keyboards, logic boards, etc. — that’s where the problems arise. In contrast, I’ve owned four ThinkPads (I use Windows for work and Mac for everything else), and none of them has ever developed a hardware problem (operating system and software are another story, of course). If you could run OSX natively on a ThinkPad it might be the best of both worlds. ThinkPads are ugly and clunky workhorses, but if you want reliability that’s the best place to find it.


    Sep 09, 2008
  5. L D

    I’ve had good luck with my macs. I usually replace my computers every 5 years and haven’t had an issue with any of them.

    I’m really terrible about my laptop. It takes a lot of abuse and thankfully I haven’t had any problems. I’m not sure if Apple Care covers users fault but if it does I probably will invest in it on my next laptop purchase.

    I wouldn’t bother with apple care on my ipod products however, as there’s a sweet repair place in North Van called iRepair that fixes them for a really good price and they did it on the spot which eliminates the hassle of having to ship your ipod/iphone away.


    Sep 18, 2008
  6. @L D I had no idea about iRepair. Tx for the info!


    Sep 18, 2008

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