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Upon our Loonie flying to par with the USD, witty comments on metafilter:

  1. Man, you guys are screwed. Now who’s going to buy your maple syrup?
  2. I think this is all part of a massive worldwide conspiracy to keep Americans home
  3. You owe me 96¢, Haughey!
  4. See? I knew keeping that bag of Canadian change from ’02 around was a good idea! I’ve made, like, four dollars (Canadian) just by having it sit there!
  5. sucks to be me. i live in canada and get paid in US dollars.
    it’s like a >$10k pay cut and i didn’t even get demoted 🙁
  6. Turns out those people threatening to move north when Bush was elected weren’t raving hippies- they were canny financial geniuses!
  7. So does this mean that the strippers at the Sundowner aren’t going to be as frisky when I pull out my roll of greenbacks next time?You should see what they do for Canadian Tire money!
  8. O Canada!Loonie
    Ill-omened rate is panned!
    Blew eighteen thou to visit Newfoundland.With groaning hearts we see fees rise,
    The new North conquered me!Sums par decried!
    O Canada, remand dinar to me!

    God lend your hand to penurious bourgeoisie!
    O Canada, remand dinar to me!

    O Canada, remand dinar to me!

  9. The dollars last met each other as equals a week after Darryl Sittler scored ten points against the Boston Bruins. Going by that, I’m hoping the Leafs will have a good season this year.
  10. The last time this happened was ’76, anyone remember what has happening then?
    I was born, so basically, my life is at net zero, in at least one measure.

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