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Books yesterday, other items today.

A few items I don’t want to take up north.   It’s yours for the asking, except I do need a commitment that you’ll come get it either tomorrow (Fri), over the weekend (Feb 14, 15) or very early next week.

Wood bookshelf, deep brown paint.   Decent shape, solid wood (not ikea – this will last and last).  Could use another lick of paint but not bad.    48H,  46 W, 9 D    4 (built in) shelves, including bottom.    Sorry, no photo.

condo-022-desktop-resolution5 Drawer stainless steel filing cabinet, piles of character.  I hand scrubbed it with steel wool to get to the stainless steel, but the fronts of the drawers are still beige.  Solid piece of furniture – would look esp. great somewhere funky/industrial.  Note:  I haven’t looked at the back in 3 years.  Not sure of condition, but should be fine.  68inches H,  28 Deep, 15 W

Night Table (or whatever they’re called.  The things by your bed you put books (et alia)  in, and lamps on)

Oak.  Mid-brown stain.   24W,   16D,    22H.      Sorry, no photo.

Martini Glasses – 6, Glass.

Water Fountain, Indoor – pier 1 imports.  Really pretty bronze/Mexican motif.  Think Pier 1 style (it is). 12 inch diameter.

TV.  JVC, 13 inch, the old fashioned kind.  Remember those?  Good for those who want one, but without it dominating the room.

Piano Books, Royal Conservatory, various grades and Theory Rudiments (basically unused).  Collections of Elton John sheet music, Andrew Lloyd Weber.   May be convinced to part with the Bach/Beethoven/Chopin books too.

Mac Wireless Keyboard and Mouse (@brianleroux, you were right when you said I’d never use them)

Interested?  tweet me, facebook me a msg, leave a comment or e-mail me at n g z c a (no spaces)  not at hotmail, nor at gmail, but the other oldy but goody  dot com   (sorry to be cryptic.  don’t want robots to spam me)

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