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I’ve been enjoying a lot of FREE stuff for the past several months.

Google, of course. (pardon my little joke if you click the link).

And if I need good info on a person, org, or idea, I go to wikipedia.

Recently I’ve also signed up with Skype, and now a lot of my overseas (as well as local) calls are Free.

My banking is free.

My entertainment is free.

My inspiration is free.

My cutting-edge information is free.

Notable exception: Alas, our public transportation is Not Free (boo!) although I’m hopeful that eventually this guy will get through to the right person and get that changed for us.

Ever really thought about the fact that all this is free?

We’re all about to think about it a whole lot more.

According to Chris Anderson, editor of Wired, our economy is changing to FREE.

That’s a pretty freaky gobsmacking thought.

Here’s his argument.

1. We’re used to “free” stuff, which is in fact subsidized by some kind of cross-sell. Think: cel phones for free, if we buy the 3-yr plan (my least favourite thing, fyi). We’re also used to “free” being in fact at the cost of being subjected to adverts.

2. Technology has plummeted in cost. There’s plenty enough to go around and we’ve found ways to make it for almost nothing.

3. This is introducing a new economic model. We can now subsidize the vast majority of services by charging money only for the top tier of service. “You can have a Flickr account, but if you want all the bells and whistles, pay us this small charge”.

So far we’ve seen this only in the online/technology domain. I wonder how long it will take to translate into the ‘real’ world: free computers (but if you want the xtra RAM…), free clothing (but if you want the soy-based kind…), free food (but if you want organic…).

Of course, it’s predicated on the basic kind being inexpensive enough to produce that the premium version will cover the costs and profit. But still. I wonder.

Photo Credit Rache.

Update: for a completely different opinion on FREE (in fact, a robust argument that it’s for the birds) visit the inimitable Squawkfox.

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  1. I *love* free stuff… like SWAG (Stuff We All Get)…



    May 07, 2008
  2. I am suspect of free stuff. Actually, I think Free Stuff is for the Birds!.
    Except for banking. Free banking is kinda sweet. 😉


    May 07, 2008
  3. Warren

    Oops! There is a typo in the flickr link. And that’s a free tip.


    May 07, 2008
  4. @Raul, you know, I never knew where that term originated. Actually, I still don’t, but now I know what it means. Thanks!
    @Squawkfox The offer stands for the taking 🙂
    @Warren hehe Fixed! Tx for the heads-up.


    May 07, 2008
  5. And your blog software is free too!

    By the way that Google link is broken – and bit of duplication when cutting and pasting that I do a lot too


    May 09, 2008

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