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Photo Credit: bigblacklincoln

See this?  See this gas-guzzlin’ boat of a 1959 Lincoln Continental Mk 4?

This, my friends, is getting an extreme make-over by rocker Neil Young.

Neil has concluded that “Just singing a song won’t change the world“so he and hottie Jonathan Goodwin, an eco-mechanic in Witchita (sic) have teamed up to transform the 10 mile per gallon beast into an electric car, called the LincVolt.

This is more than just a rock-star project.  Young doesn’t hesitate to point out that if they pull this off, it’s something GM could mass produce.  In fact, that’s the whole point:  to “RePower the American Dream“.   By linking green technology with USA classic (not to mention, when it’s not running on electricity, it now gets 100 miles per gallon), this could propel smart cars miles ahead in public acceptance.

Readers:  what do you think?  Will people be more inclined to go green on vehicles if they don’t look like, well, squashed and tinny machines?

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  1. brad

    In principle, this is the idea behind energy efficiency: you get the same performance (or better) for less energy. So in that sense I’m all for it. But think of how much less energy this vehicle would use if it were smaller and used modern materials and aerodynamic design.

    One good thing about high gasoline prices is that people are starting to downsize their cars and in the process discovering that small cars are safer and more fun to drive than they thought. Rather than buying the biggest car they can afford, people are starting (slowly) to buy the smallest car that can still meet their needs. And people are (even more slowly) starting to rethink what their “needs” are. You don’t necessarily need a big 4WD SUV if you live out in the sticks (I lived 5 miles up a steep dirt road in backwoods Vermont for 10 years and drove a Honda Civic the whole time. It worked fine for me). And you definitely don’t need it if you live in the city, even a snowy city with long winters like mine.

    So, while I’m as big a fan of vintage cars as anyone, I’m not so sure this particular trip back to the future is the best joy ride for the planet. It’s an evolutionary step in the right direction for people who just can’t open their minds to a new way of thinking about transportation.


    Sep 02, 2008
  2. Traciatim

    No, they won’t. They still suffer from the same problems of lack of range, lack of power, reduced performance in cold weather, very difficult to heat, etc, etc, etc.


    Sep 02, 2008
  3. Traciatim

    ” . . . in the process discovering that small cars are safer . . . ”

    No, they are not. Large cars consistently have fewer injuries and deaths over smaller cars. (Not SUVs and Trucks, which have higher rates . . . I’m only comparing cars here).


    Sep 02, 2008
  4. brad

    @Traciatim, I said that “small cars are safer…than they thought,” not that small cars are safer than large cars. That said, a new small car is likely safer than an old large car, because newer cars have more safety features and crumple zones to absorb impact. Even the tiny Smart car is remarkably safe: I’ve seen crash test videos of a Smart slamming into a wall at 50mph with no harm to the crash test dummy. But sure, ram a Smart head-on into a Lincoln Continental on the highway and the Lincoln driver is more likely to survive 😉


    Sep 02, 2008
  5. Pierre B

    Good catch Nancy interesting story.

    As a car nut myself I often feel at odds with my hobby and the environmental impacts. There are not many affordable electric or hybrid cars suitable for the racetrack currently but I am encouraged by stories like this it definately paints a picture of a future state I would love to see.

    ps we are offsetting emmissions for track events now so while its not the perfect solution until viable alternatives exist its a start!


    Sep 03, 2008

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