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Credit:  Maria S Forever

I’m finally at the age that I believe I can defend a long-held-off splurge for myself:   A Good Wristwatch.  As in, TAG Heuer good.

Oh yes, much as I preach and try to live contentment with what I have, these watches have been my secret object of lust for quite some time.

There’s just one thing.   A few months ago, my watch (just a basic one) strap broke.   Guess what.  I haven’t missed it.  Not really.  When I want to know the time, I check my iPod Touch.  Or my BB.  Or my monitor.  Or the sign on the mall at the YK Centre (which, incidentally, let all us Yellowknifers know that it’s down to 4C these days).

Curses!  Just the time when I can justify this purchase, I find I know longer need a watch, and perhaps don’t even want one!

That led me to another thought.  First this internet/ShinyBrightObject age took down the music industry.  It’s currently taking down media as we knew it.  What do you think, readers?  Is the Era of the Wristwatch now over, too?

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  1. It’s been 5 or 6 years since I’ve worn a watch. I used to be pure hell on watches. The faces would get scratched up. The straps would break. They’d get water logged. And they weren’t just cheap watches either. Also, having broken my watch-wrist twice, they don’t tend to sit quite right.

    Oh well. Much like you, I don’t miss having a watch. I’m either in front of a computer or if I’m not, I have my cell phone. Neither of which, I might add, need setting or adjusting. Or putting on in the morning. Or taking off in the shower.

    And I’ve talked about the wrist-watch phenomenon with my friends too. I think we agree with you: the era of personal time-pieces is coming to an end. Until the wrist-watch lobbyists band together and force legislation preventing other forms of displaying the time! :p



    Sep 29, 2009
  2. brad

    I agree as well. I’ve actually never worn a wristwatch in my life, but did use a pocket watch for many years — an antique wind-up made in 1910 that I bought for $35 at a flea market in the 1980s. It still works great, but I never carry it. A cellphone or iPod tells me the time, and I don’t see any reason to have a watch anymore.

    I once met a man who was the curator of a clock collection at Harvard University; he never wore a watch and said he didn’t want to know what time it was. People got used to him arriving late for meetings; he had a general sense of time based on the sun’s position in the sky or his intuition of the passage of time.


    Sep 30, 2009
  3. No. You can’t always have your iPod, Blackberry, a computer screen, or a fancy sign. Actually, none of those are explosion-proof, so you can’t have any of them without a hot work permit. They’re also not water-resistant. They also don’t conveniently stick to your wrist so you can carry them everywhere without ever noticing. You also can’t use them to time your airbrake tests, or your time on your daily run, or to beep when the eggs are hard-boiled, or to chime every hour, and you always have to plug them in or recharge them. Plus all those things are much, much more expensive than a wrist watch.

    I have a Timex. I’ve had a Timex as long as I’ve had physical activity in my life, because they’re sturdy. I use it more than my iPod, cell phone, land phone, and computer put together.

    Watches rock.
    .-= Mongoose´s last blog ..Le blog écrémé =-.


    Sep 30, 2009

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