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Apparently the Edmonton Airport has been charging us northerners for their Airport Improvement Fee.   When we purchase airline tickets that route us through Edmonton (as the vast majority do), our tickets are automatically billed $15 if “it appears” that we are making Edmonton our final destination.  The only way to get the fifteen bucks back is to apply for a refund from the Edmonton Airport Authority.

As Awayne commented on the cbc blog:

Knowingly charging money for a service under these circumstances is Fraud as defined under the Criminal Code. The fee is a good idea but it is not intended to rip off people using the Edmonton International as a connecting destination. This should be an easy administrative fix if they really wanted to do so. This is the type of practice that will see people from the north start to use other airports when they can.

If any Vancouverites are reading this, does #YVR still charge an Airport Improvement Fee? I remember when it was introduced (at least a decade ago?) – it was presented as a temporary charge to alleviate the cost of admittedly massive renovations.

I’m beginning to be irritated by this sly tax which is erroneously imposed in one case, and extends well beyond its original purpose in another (I’m happy to be proven wrong on the latter). Grrrrr!

On a slightly different note, a scammer at the Vancouver Airport has been exposed on flickr. If you go through #yzf, don’t give any money to this man!

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  1. The “airport improvement fee” (or “ransom” as I always called it) is no longer in effect in Vancouver.

    What’s with the hashtags? Isn’t it confusing enough with the three letter codes? Too much Twitter lately Nancy? 🙂
    .-= Jan Karlsbjerg´s last blog ..Quote of the Day – Mental health / addiction =-.


    Jul 17, 2009
  2. Actually, while the Airport Improvement Fee is no longer collected as a separate charge payable at the airport, we still pay it. It is quietly charged on all airline tickets to passengers “departing Vancouver International Airport.” What I don’t know is if that means transiting passengers pay as well or if the charge only applied to those starting a trip here.



    Jul 18, 2009
  3. What!?! Goddammit! Thanks for the link, Paul.
    .-= Jan Karlsbjerg´s last blog ..There, I fixed the fridge =-.


    Jul 18, 2009

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