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The mole has landed

When *do* you work on strengthening your money habits?

I’d be willing to bet on this:

  • If you quickly and definitively answered  something to the effect of “Monday evenings after supper” or “When I go shopping, I now have a plan ” you and your money are probably in good shape and getting better.
  • If you have to vaguely respond  or “when I feel like I should” your money is likely a bit precarious.
  • If you pretty much don’t regularly set aside time to strengthen your money habits, odds are you and your money are routinely parted.

So here’s my final January challenge to you. Over January, I have posted plenty about changing money habits.

My challenge to you is this (and fwiw I’ll be joining you in this — I’ve been getting lackadaisical and this money coach needs to heal herself! that happens from time to time, you know!) : Clearly name a time and place, or a routine situation, when you will work on strengthening your money habits.

It could be:

  • Next time a friend invites me for lunch, I’ll suggest coffee instead
  • Each Monday after work I’ll review my bank balances for 15 minutes
  • I have joined a money club and we meet Thursday evenings

Whatever it is, if you have a time and place for it, odds are your money habits will develop.  Good on ya.

Sneak Peak –  February’s posts on Wednesdays and Saturdays will focus on Money and Relationships and our relationship with money.  Keep popping back!

Groningen - ING Bank

Are you paying your bank ridiculous bank fees for everyday transactions? You shouldn’t be!

I’ve been a saver with ING since they first came to town. The Internet had barely just arrived, it seemed, and next thing you know they had Orange-Dressed staff hawking coffee and a savings account right on Broadway and Granville.

From the start, I’ve loved them. Here’s why:

1. They make banking simple.

2. They cut the bullshit. (sorry for the language. but they do. all the info I’ve *ever* received from them is straightforward, in language anybody can understand. How refreshing is that?).

3. They usually give the best interest rates AND now I have no-fee chequing with them. A pack of cheques is $10. Other than that, no fees. And if you are struggling to keep your money organized (in which case, see my note above about beta-testers for my program!) and from time to time have insufficient funds, this is unbelievable: they don’t charge you if it’s less than a $250 overdraw, provided you pay it back within 30 days.

I’m a believer! Over the past 10+ years, they really HAVE empowered me to “save my money”. If you are cool with online banking, give them a try and you’ll get $25 from them (and I think I get a $13 referral bonus) – just grab the “key” (numbers) from the widget on the sidebar.


Ever shop at SHOPPERS? The CEO of the past 4 years has resigned. There’s no one inside the company ready to step up to the job, so a world wide search will be underway.
My opinion: As more and more provinces start to protest the stranglehold the Pharmaceutical Industry has, and as they start to insist on more access to generic brands and bulk-purchasing (YAY Ontario for taking the lead on this), pitching the job of CEO for Shopper’s is a pretty tough sell. Having said that, I have a vague notion that they make as much from their (gorgeous) makeup and perfume sales as selling prescriptions. On second though, nah, that can’t be true. Can it?

LINKED IN files to go public! (ie. the you’s and me’s of the world can buy stock in their company if it goes through) and hell yes, I’d invest! (per usual: don’t mistake me for a financial planner, or construe this advice! I’m just sharing my personal take here.)

NETFLIX is freaking out (as well all should probably be) about Bell and Roger’s evil plan to start charging us by-the-gig-consumed for internet usage as well as giving a generous amount and capping it. Apparently a lot of Canadians were stung when they started using Netflix, not realizing they were exceeding their allotted bandwidth as they watched movies. Ouch.

oh, and: Sarah is going to pay off $15,000 in Student Loans this year! Pop by her blog and wish her luck!