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(no! not the balance sheet!)

bc-business-mag-photo.jpgThink a money coach is obnoxious, boring and sits around counting her pennies all day? Find out for yourself:

I got tagged in a meme by Moritherapy. The deal is, you get the traits of your birth month and bare your soul comment on their accuracy.

Stubborn and hard-hearted. Sheesh! Not! Helping people with an area as sensitive with money just wouldn’t go with being hard-hearted. Not to mention I give a damn about the people in my neighbourhood.

Strong-willed and highly motivated: I’m an entrepreneur. Enuf said.

Easily angered. Yes when I see the underdog getting attacked. I lose all common sense and jump in – except in my ‘hood since it’s pretty tough. (I did catch a thief once, though!) No about most other stuff – although I typically pick fight over flight if it comes down to it.

Attracts others and loves attention. Not so much. But I want my ideas to get attention.

Deep feelings. I prefer the word passion, but yes. (or is ‘passion’ a cliche yet?)

Beautiful physically and mentally. In my pre-politicized days I ran for Miss Canada (yes, really) and did a bit of modeling. What’s that worth to me or anyone? Not much that I can think of. But I had great clothes for a while. And years and years of free hair products.

Firm Standpoint. Yes. Most of my opinions are rooted in a reasonably thoughtful philosophical/worldview/theological (eg. God really did create all people equally: who are we to create inequitable structures?) stance.

Easily consoled. Nope, when I grieve it goes deep.
Systematic (left brain). Love logic. Wish I’d majored in math or physics. (not really; I love being a liberal arts major)

Loves to dream. Who has time? Sigh.

Loves literature and the arts.
Yes, and yes. cbc radio 2 junkie. Got to grade 9 in piano. Love classical music and classic rock. Developing taste for jazz. Read most of the classics (and Dean Koontz for trash). Even took 3 yrs of Latin, so read a little Cicero. And Charlotte’s Web in latin (Tela Charlottae). Beat THAT for nerdy. And enough french to manage Le Petit Prince.

Dislike being at home. Restless. The opposite. My little loft is my fave place on earth.

Not having many children. Try: none. Doesn’t particularly bother me, but occasionally I worry about being old without kids. Meantime, my daschunds keep my home alive. And I have great relationships with a couple of my close friends’ kids.

Hardworking. Too much so.

High spirited. Especially when discussing big, good ideas like on ted.com and bigthink.com

Spendthrift. what the?? I’m a money coach. What to you think?

ps: if anyone is wondering, this is not a dating profile in disguise.

pps: others I’m tagging:  Mr. Cheap(how could I not, with a name like that?) – sorry if this is too touchy-feely for you, dude – Mike (who hung out with a guy trying to crack NASA’s website),  MoneyRelations (since she’s getting all personal on her blog today anyway, lol), Wooly girl  Woman(!), Netchick,  Gail Vaz-Oxlade the doyenne in the personal finance world, Saving4Later who I swear I’m going to hire, Bargainista queen of the deals, and BadHuman.

(I know this is a kinda long meme, but it’s a fun change – no pun intended – from our usual content, yeah?)

I can’t even begin. Go read the story for yourself. Happy Friday.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/robert_the_bear/This man regularly stands outside of the VanCity building where I work. Often he’ll be by the starbucks (the one by the Main Street skytrain). Anyway,

Just received notice on this initiative happening citywide on Vancouver street-corners, Saturday the 23rd from 1-2pm.

I’ll extricate myself from work to be there.

8 Locations:
– Main St. & 33rd Avenue (Kia Salomons and CALM)
– Main St. & King Edward (Ned Jabobs and CALM)
– Arbutus & King Edward (Maggie Geiser and CHC)
– Broadway & McDonald (Julie Hughes and CHC)
– Broadway & Heather (Rider Cooey and CHC)
– Commercial & 1st Avenue (Dave Diewert and Streams of Justice)
– Cordova & Gore (Anne Kennedy and Social Justice Cttee. at St James Anglican Church)
– Burrard & Nelson (Bobbie Phillips and St Andrew’s-Wesley United Church Housing and Mental Health Action Group)

Please join us at any of the above locations. We have held STANDS for HOUSING at Main and 33rd Ave. since October, and we believe there can be a big impact with STANDS throughout the city.
The idea of the STAND is based on the moving example of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, mothers whose children were “disappeared”: by the military, ‘76 to ‘83. They stood every week in a city square wearing white scarves. The scarves became an international “brand” for peaceful protests.

Similarly, ours is not a rally, but a visual presence. Our initial STAND has been near Little Mountain Housing complex, awaiting ‘redevelopment’ in 2010 and with 100 homes already sitting empty. Your STAND could be within walking distance of your home. It need last for only one hour, Saturday, 1:00 to 2:00 pm. We hand out leaflets to pedestrians and cars at the red light, discussing the great and growing need for permanent social housing, not just temporary supportive housing. We urge people to join us or create their own STAND in their neighbourhoods.


We hope you’ll join this action on February 23 and beyond.
This action is organized by CALM, Citywide Housing Coalition, and Streams of Justice

coinstack.jpgI’m pinching these factoids directly off Canadian Capitalist who always has good things to say about money stuff – as varied as a discussion on QuickTax software to how the currency fluctuations hit or support our investment portfolio.

Here’s his quick-and-dirty factoid sheet about us Canadians and how we do (0r don’t, most of us) contribute to our RRSPs.

  1. Deadline for a contribution for the 2007 year: February 29, 2008
  2. Maximum contribution amount for 2007: $19,000
  3. Percentage of tax filers eligible to contribute to a RRSP*: 88%
  4. Percentage of eligible tax payers making a contribution*: 31%
  5. Percentage of contribution room used up*: 7%
  6. Median National contribution*: $2,730
  7. Average National contribution*: $5,221

In short, the vast majority of us don’t contribute at all; and of those who do, the vast majority don’t max out.

Why do you think that is?

And who do you think ARE maxing out – the really well off, or the middle-class frugal (ie manage to save $19K year)?

(for the record, this money coach has never managed to max out.   It’s a goal, though, within the next 3 yrs)

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