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TSG Police Officer in Riot gear in front of Big Ben / Parliament, London

Did you see Children of Men? The images of the Tuition Fee Hike protest in London seem eerily like the movie.

The base fee would rise to £6,000 (about $9,400 Cdn, at today’s exchange rate).

There are some “worth 1000 words” photos over on the Boston Globe site. It ain’t pretty. Dystopia?

Priced to Sell

Priced to Sell,
originally uploaded by moneycoach.

“Priced to Sell”. Wow! And I hear things are really.slowing.down in the real estate market in Vancouver. I hope to buy another place in a couple years, so that’s probably good news from my point of view. And I’d sure love to see home ownership come within reach of your average working Vancouverite.

Hey – shoutout for SpellStacker, a word-game app for iPads and iPhones, developed by a cousin of an old schoolmate pal of mine. Not sure how long it’s free for (first 200 for sure) so pop by and download it!

Since being once-and-for-all put off the Mass Meat Industry after seeing Food Inc summer ’09, I’ve made an effort to mend my meat-eating ways.

I’ve ordered 1/4 pig and 10 chickens from a free-range organic farm in Alberta. And I committed to learning to fish..
I haven’t made much progress on this. To date: I went fishing with some friends and a guide last summer and literally prayed I woudn’t catch a damn fish and thank God I didn’t although every other person did and at least the guide was very quick at bonking the flopping living things swiftly so they then became very dead but still it was hard to eat the meat even though it had been deliciously panfried over an open fire and everyone else was pretty much having a fish-eating orgy but I wasn’t.

And that’s as far as it went.

So for 2010, when the opportunity arose to learn how to fillet a fish (bring your own knife; dead fish provided) I thought I should take it to the next level.

I learned a few things.

1. It’s easier to eat a fish that looks like this:

Mouth of a jackfish / northern pike

This friends, is what is derisively term a Jackfish, but we prefer to call it Northern Pike. It abounds up here. They are tough-spirited fish, and check out that set of teeth.

2. The steps to filleting a fish are:
a. Cut just behind the gills
b. Cut along the spine, from neck to tail
c. I forget how to get the side of the fish completely off next (I looked away)
d. To skin it, place your knife flat between the skin and the flesh. Keep your knife relatively motionless, but tug the skin towards you. You can cut a hole in the skin to put your thumb through (extra tugging power).

Learning to fillet fish

3. The stomach is apparently a delicacy. (I think I threw up in my mouth a bit) (probably politically incorrect)
Fish (northern pike) stomach

So here’s what money’s done to me: it’s so disconnected me from the primal life-and-death biology of FOOD that even something as basic as fishing and filleting (we’re not talking pretty goldfish here, much less gentle cattle or smart pigs) has me all disoriented. Pathetic!

In contrast, our instructor was completely at ease.

Learning to fillet fish

Do I have any readers who fish?

If so: I wanna know – how did you get past all the squeemish stuff?

Give me a fish and I’ll eat a meal. Teach me to fish and I’ll save a lot of money, eat more healthfully, and live more sustainably. If I can keep it down.

Unboxing IPad Sleeve

Originally uploaded by moneycoach

There *is* a wee bit of elitism in my character you know. I love quality. So when I saw these iPad cases from an intriquing high-craftsmanship workshop in Florida I knew it was a must-have. So I promised myself that when I hit a certain weight-loss goal, I’d make the purchase (and yes, it was pricey). Adieu, faithful Apple case, ooh-la-la, new all-leather, handmade sweet gorgeousness! Ladies and gentlemen, the Unboxing.

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