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My on-line money coaching is in beta for four more days and while it is, it’s free in exchange for feedback.

So if you’re uber-frugal, pop by now to sign up!

BUT the soft-launch pricing (effective June 15th) ┬áremains frugalicious – only $25!

I’ve been a fan of fleuvog shoes for years. This was cemented when I walked into their gastown store which had just opened about four years ago. I would always go into new shops and ask the managers to please treat the marginalized folks who call the area home kindly.

The manager said not only “of course” but that John (Fleuvog) hired a street guy to wash the windows whenever, and only if, he was up for it. John even outfitted him with the clothing and equipment he’d need. I thought that was fantastic. No judgment. No “be here every day at 7:30am or you’re fired”. Just, “I need my windows washed periodically. If you show up, I’ll pay you to do it.” Sweet.

Here’s an interesting vid from design to completion of a Fleuclog being made. All natural materials. Handmade.

My kitchen is in the midst of renovations. SQUEEEEE – it’s going to be sexy when it’s done! Natural wood and cork and lots of stainless steel and a polished concrete table and and and!

Apart from the fun of it, it’s also a challenge for an eco-friendly, budget-loving money coach. So far I’m doing well. Don’t freak out at this: I gave my contractor full permission to, errrrr, freegan stuff from the Yellowknife dump. WITHIN REASON! And you have to know, Yellowknife truly has an illustrious history about its dump as this Cdn Living article will attest and the political implications of tampering with it made The Walrus back in ’03. I digress.

I am not going to get my dishwasher nor my stove from the dump (and what I do get, I’ll never say).

I need an 18″ dishwasher and a full size electric (alas, no natural gas avail to me) stove. Stainless steel.

This is the first time in my life I’ve bought these items. I don’t want high end, but I do want durable and good value for money. Oh, and at least some style to them too! Any tips for me? For example, a co-worker declared it’s worth every extra penny for a quieter dishwasher. What else should I look for?

photo credit: Jonas Design & Photography

Wind Mobile

The legendary Peter of Peter’s Useful Crap first put me onto this: Wind Mobile is offering some truly low-priced options. I don’t know if the $20/month unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting is still available, but even if not, the $40/month deal they’ve extended til Jan 16th looks impressive. Surprisingly they don’t provide coverage in Yellowknife, so I’m outta luck. But still, I’m happy for all you folks out there.

Friendly reminder about Apple’s 12 Days of Christmas give-aways.

It’s for real – each day they give away something from their iTunes store. Each gift is available for download only in that particular day. So far I’ve downloaded a great Christmas sampler (Sheryl Crowe, Straight No Chaser et alia), a sweet indie (I think) movie Bandslam and today’s gift is The Book of Negroes.

Get get ’em!

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