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buy 3 concert series for $71 = 20% off. Jazz Concerts start this Friday!

and visit 10 on Wednesday – clearance on a lot of their online thrift items. Tons of vintage/retro stuff.

Sometimes I find someone who’s said it first, or said it better.Coinstack

TheSimpleDollar blogger came up with 40 ways to save money. If it’s time to trim spending it’s an awesome list! It covers categories ranging from entertainment to automobiles.

I’d add a couple things I’ve done –

  1. I have a little herb garden (thanks for the inspiration, Dorothy – you know who you are!). Basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary and yes, sage. Easily saves $10/month
  2. I moved my banking to a credit union, and dropped my banking fees by at least $60/year, probably more
  3. I moved to shaw digital phone. This isn’t supposed to be a commercial for them, but I have to say, I’m saving a good $15/month plus got awesome service. (anyone else love the fact that if they can’t take your call right away, you get to hang up, but you’re still in the queue, and they call you back? now there’s a concept – don’t hog your customer’s time – let the customer get on with their day! but I digress)

We’re midway through the summer, folks, and there are still lots and lots of free or nearly free events to indulge in. Let’s max out on summer!

  1. Illuminares Lantern Festival, Trout Lake Park, this Saturday evening. Mysterious, enchanting, it’s another worldlemonade altogether.
  2. Cultural Islamic Festival July 27, 28 11am-7pm by the Vancouver Art Gallery, celebrating diversity.
  3. Caribbean Days Festival this weekend at the Waterfront Park in North Van. Huge turnouts, crazy fun.
  4. Fireworks! Starting tonight (Wed., then next Sat., Wed., and Sat) over English Bay.
  5. and then of course, there’s a simple glass of lemonade on the deck, with a magazine and some great tunes on the stereo.

Practicing what I preach.cooking together

Money and politics and values are all entwined. Here’s a wonderful opportunity to discover how your food purchase habits can radicalize towards sustainability.

The 100-mile diet is all about encouraging those of us in the lower mainland to have plates full of locally produced food. Did you know our average meal travels 2400 kms from farm to your plate?

I’m going to give this a go, myself.  Frankly, eating properly for my body, much less for the planet, is a real struggle for me.  I eat on the fly, have a lot of packaged food, and rarely shop in any organized fashion.  As mentioned in previous posts, this costs my wallet, and more, costs my sense of well-being.  I’m hoping taking this kind of challenge with others will help me be more thoughtful and orderly in this area.

Here’s an event to learn more:

100mile challenge networking event

Rhizome Café at 317 E.Broadway

Thursday, July 26 between 6-9pm

One of my favourite financial sites is wisebread. It’s a terrific blend of savvy tips, fun, and outrageous … all about money.

This week they’re hosting a contest ($25 amazon gift certificate) for the wicked-est story about an attempt at frugalitygarage sale that went sideways. Way sideways. If you have your own story, head on over and jump into the foray. Your competition includes …

  • a college student who took advantage of the all-you-can-eat curry nights, only to discover a main ingredient was ….
  • a mom’s attempt at being frugal on her son’s birthday goody bags resulted in …
  • a pre-1st-date visit to the hair-salon-school resulted in …
  • an inexpensive sofa that infested the house with…
  • the dad who got his kids to dig the swimming pool hole on their summer vacation ended up …

If you need a laugh, and permission to not cheap-out this particular weekend, you know where to go.

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