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In all the shopping hype across the border, a quiet revolution may go un-noticed.

November 23 is Buy Nothing Day!

You know of course, that Citizens Bank of Canada is my bank of choice! They’ve put the “citizen” back into banking, give the profits back to the community, offer great rates and also have a terrific user interface.

But … before there was Citizens Bank, there was a Dutch bank called ING, that turned the Canadian banking system on its head. They’ve done it again. (and if you want to participate, go to SUPERSAVER.)

muffins.jpgA number of us thrifty-types in the blogosphere have committed to eating at home and meal planning for the month of November. So far, participants include:

Wooly Woman

Vixen on a Budget

Laughing at Guilded Butterlies

and Barb B.

It’s not too late to jump in here with us (think how good you’ll be feeling for the holiday season) and as a bonus, I have a $25 gift certificate to Safeway/Choices for one person who sticks with their plan all November, and posts about it at least once a week either here or on Wooly Woman’s blog.

Canajun Finances pointed out a CBC article quoting RBC, BMO, and TD economists who believe the loonie will drop to the mid ¢90’s by the end of 2008.loonie Rats. We’ll just have figured out how to navigate the increasingly stringent border issues, and then shopping in the states will be pointless.

LululemonLululemon, the Vancouver-based yogawear darling, is doing even better than expected, and their share price increased by 10%. (I shoulda bought. I shoulda bought).

10 days ’til LeopardLeopard is released! $129/usd for the license.

The Bank of Canada kept its rate steady today.

And Money Relations gives us the scoop on Warren Buffet’s forecast about our loonie et alia.

ymbd.gifWhat would happen if you spent time over 6 months getting ALL OVER your personal finances?

Smart with Money is YMbD’s signature series and a new group starts Oct. 25th.

6 sessions over 6 months plus 2 individual coaching sessions

1. Shifting Gears and Taking Charge

find out the ‘need to knows’ to make strategic changes.

Where is your money going, right now?
What is your credit rating?
What is your net worth?
What changes can you make to create a monthly cash flow that aligns with your values and goals?

2. Debt: Kick it for good.

Debt is an element of most Canadians’ finances. It shouldn’t define our financial life. What triggers the use of credit in your life? Develop some counter-strategies. Create a sustainable plan to kick the debt habit.

3. Your Brain.Your Guts.Your Money.

What did you grow up learning about money?
What do you believe now about money?
What is influencing your relationship to money?

Create a strong set of powerful beliefs, designed to empower your mind and increase the likelihood of positive experiences with money – including attaining your goals.

4. Goals, Dreams and your Real World.

By this point, you will have a clear idea of your current financial situation. You will have developed a mindset conducive to moving forward. This session is clarifying your goals and setting things in motion with a realistic, attainable action plan.

5. Making Money Work… while you play golf. or volunteer. or whatever.

Ever left your financial planner’s office still puzzled about what’s going on with your RRSPs?
Ever read a statement and been completely confused?

This is a rockin’ session that will leave you jazzed, pumped, and confident that you get the need-to-knows of putting your money to work for you. No financial products sold, just solid intel!
6. Lasting Change.

By this point, participants have experienced significant and exciting change. This session prepares you to keep on the right path for the long haul. YMbD wants you to keep moving forward financially for the rest of your life!

I’ve got 6 seats left. This program has changed many financial lives … it could change yours.

Check it out!

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