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No, the diva did not personally deign to post on my blog (give me another year, and I’ll see what I can do) but she wrote a beautiful post on her own blog, saying the following about money in her life:

Annie Lennox

A somewhat strident message about why I [Annie Lennox] write…

If you think that money will protect you from potential pain and suffering…you are misguided. Money will certainly oil the wheels, and give you a more comfortable ride…but when it comes to loss…pain and suffering…when that hits…money will not get you out of it.


youth…grows older


success…is relative

love? Do you really know what that is? Have you gone beyond your own ego to find out? And then…and then… Do you know how many old people are fading away in geriatric homes, institutions, or stuck in some isolated little apartment somewhere? In this society they are marginalised. They are out…finished. They are you/ me / us some time down the line. If you are poor…who will value you? In this society you count for almost nothing. If you are sick, or weak, or disabled in some way.. Will you be treated with respect, empathy or dignity? And the religious institutions, the governments, the power brokers, the corporations.. The media…do they care? Are they compassionate? Are they humane…decent? We have our heads in the sand.

I write to communicate what I truly feel. The outrage, the disappointment, the frustration, the sadness, the confusion. And I wonder…am I the only one who feels this way? Apparently not.

Lots of great stuff this week!

Avril LavigneAvril Lavigne is giving a free concert courtesy of BestBuy in Burnaby, this Sunday. Check out the full scoop on Miss 604s site.

First Weekend Club presents the film “Tears for April: Beyond the Blue Lens”. It’s an extraordinary (true-life) film following the life of a young woman in Vancouver’s downtown eastside, but most remarkably, the film is created by 5 police who are deeply familiar with the area. It’s playing for 4 days only over this weekend, at Tinseltown.

If you know anyone with teenagers in Vancouver, esp. ones vulnerable to drug use, this is a must-see. If you live or work around gastown/dtes it’s also a must see.

Want 9% interest on $500 for 6 months? citizensmall.gif Citizens Bank of Canada’s campaign concludes this week. Shoot me an e-mail at ngzca at yahoo (the commercial one) and I’ll invite you! The only ‘catch’ is the deposit has to be $500, and stay in the savings account for 6 months. It’s an awesome bank – truly unique on the Canadian landscape.

dscn0009.JPGSaving the best for last: just in time for the Party Season, this Cranberry Glass Sautoir, ca 1920s, in mint condition. $50. Thanks, 10onWednesday!

This is our last week of Eat at Home Month! Like most participants, I’ve fallen off a couple times, but got back on.

I’ve modified my original goal to account for my Real World (ie. I can eat out once/week on an ad hoc basis).

Several times I’ve reverted back to thinking ‘I’ll just grab a sandwich at a deli’ and then caught myself, made a lunch or supper, and I figure I’ve saved well over $100 bucks in just three weeks. Yahoo!

On the topic of food — I often struggle between what is indulging in luxury (and I have nothing against Audis!) and what material beauties I can feel good about owning/striving for, given the masses of human lives at stake because they don’t have nutrition or proper shelter. Tonight (enroute to the Coen brothers new movie No Country for Old Men, fyi) I lusted after a beautiful vehicle, with accompanying jealousy -nay, covetousness – towards the 20-something driving it.

I had this thought: what if I created a list of luxuries, ranging from $100+jean, dinners out, audis and permitted myself to purchase them only after first donating an equivalent figure to a social justice cause? What would happen if I lived this as a lifestyle? Would I feel a deep sense of satisfaction, or would my lifestyle be chronically hampered and I’d be bummed out?

I need your help! My holiday plans (trip to Oregon) unexpectedly fell through. So, I’m going to have a ‘tourist in my own hometown’ (of Vancouver) holiday for the next couple weeks. I want to deeply unwind, rediscover vancouver, but also not break the bank. Ideas I have include:

  • day trip to Whistler with a friend
  • Festival Vancouver concert 1/2 price tix, day of concertVancouver Public Library
  • Spend all day at the library (I’m a nerd! and I never get to go there)
  • Monet/Dali exhibit
  • PNE on Saturday (free day!)
  • Book (suggestions? intelligent trash, if possible) and blanket on a beach

Any other suggestions for me?

buy 3 concert series for $71 = 20% off. Jazz Concerts start this Friday!

and visit 10 on Wednesday – clearance on a lot of their online thrift items. Tons of vintage/retro stuff.

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