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Nancy chats with her mentor Lowell Anne Fuglsang about the gilded cage. Check out her website at Workstyle-Lifestyle and her Facebook page too!

Trapped in a job you hate because of the money? Find out your path to freedom. Livecoaching session coming up at 2pm! After that, we’ll be liveblogging some testimonials and discussing real world money issues right here on the blog. Then, we’re going on location for some more live coaching, then back to Casa YMBD for the party celebration!

Here are Nancy’s two biggest fans. As you can see, they have wildly different styles: one a stereotypical consumer, the other more measured and deliberate in her approach. Neither of them have any savings whatsoever and, as you can see, live literally from hand to mouth.

Introducting Cranmer:

and his sister Maggie:

As you can see, both of them need Nancy’s help!

Nancy Zimmerman, the moneycoach

Nancy Zimmerman, the moneycoach

We’ll be doing a Twitter chat off and on all day, so keep checking back as this is updated. If you want to join in, the hashtags to use are #ymbd and #money. If you’re not on Twitter, you can just email us your comments to [email protected] and they’ll go in the CoverItLive window automatically.

Here’s Nancy giving you the scoop on money coaching, wallet control, and helping people through YourMoneyByDesign.com.

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