A Money Coach in Canada

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The UK has a tax (VAT) of 20%.  I reckon I spent approaching $1000 while I was over there (yes, budgeted) which means I contributed to Her Majesty’s Coffers in the range of $150.00+

I dutifully kept all my receipts, but when I got to Heathrow discovered that Receipts Alone Do Not Suffice.

I also needed to show all my goods, which would have been a serious time delay and hassle as they were interspersed amongst my suitcases.

Furthermore, I needed to complete a form each and every time I had made the purchases, and the form is provided by the shop keeper.

Hassle, much?

In any case, I didn’t have time to rifle through my carefully packed luggage, nor had I completed any of the forms.

*le sigh*    I did at least thoroughly enjoy the BBC so I suppose I can find some solace that I benefited from the taxes.

Fellow frugal travellers, headsup:  do the research on reclaiming taxes in advance of your trip!

Oh, and to add to the irritation, I picked up 3 lovely jars of jam from the Harrod’s duty free.  I got through Heathrow just fine, but the security in Calgary pointed out that they were liquids in excess of 100ml so the lemon curd, thick marmalade and raspberry jams are now in some Calgary dumpster.


Photo Credit:  Stewf

This is so far outside my scope of existence I almost don’t know what to make of it. Anyone ever lived in Africa? Anyway I was riveted. A bit of economics, a bit of sociology (bend down! the Chief wants some sauce with his rice!) and a whole lotta rhythm.

Anyone catch the reference implicit in this? (Hat tip to the person who pointed it out – I forget who you are! Announce yourself so I can give props where they’re due). Anyway, I love how they’re playing along with pop culture in their imagery. What does this have to do with money coaching? Not a whole lot. But advertising fascinates me.

Nicely played, Air Canada, nicely played

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