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Some of you may know I tasted the fiery tongue of the dragons dragonwhen I auditioned for them last spring. It’s an experience I won’t soon forget! If you want a fun introduction to the world of business, money and venture capitalists, Dragons’ Den on CBC is a must-view.

And can you believe it? A bank robber known as the Penguin due to his waddling walk when he’s robbed 20 banks in Vancouver WA (in the past 2 years) is a millionaire quite apart from his robbberies! Eccentric is one thing, but sheesh!

He clearly needs some money coaching about his relationship to money!

The Secret” (avail. at Abebooks.com“) and “manifesting money” is much talked about these days. Personally, I lean towards the conventional – developing our savvy, paying attention to how we handle money, and seizing opportunities. I also think being ‘poor’ (whatever that means) is no reflection of character, and certainly doesn’t mean a person simply hasn’t grasped any particular ‘secret’. I think of Jesus, Dorothy Day, Ghandi who knew life is about a lot more than your material life. Indeed, the monks in Burma have reminded us that life is more than life itself!

bullion.jpgHowever – I’m also open to possibility and in that spirit and frankly, a large element of fun, I’ve joined in on Steve Pavlina’sMillion Dollar Experiment“. Here’s the gist. By spending time daily reflecting on:

In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all, I intend $1,000,000 to come into my life and into the lives of everyone who holds this intention.

the goal is for each participant to manifest $1,000,000.00

OK, C’mon you skeptics (hmm. I’m one too. How will that skew my results?), you gotta admit, it’s fun and its cheaper than the lottery (which I never do).


(ps. I’m a little less skeptical than previously thanks to one of my clients. A twenty-something, I saw her over the course of a year practice manifesting, meditating, and I saw the results, month after month. It was beyond the usual – almost freaky.)

ymbd.gifWhat would happen if you spent time over 6 months getting ALL OVER your personal finances?

Smart with Money is YMbD’s signature series and a new group starts Oct. 25th.

6 sessions over 6 months plus 2 individual coaching sessions

1. Shifting Gears and Taking Charge

find out the ‘need to knows’ to make strategic changes.

Where is your money going, right now?
What is your credit rating?
What is your net worth?
What changes can you make to create a monthly cash flow that aligns with your values and goals?

2. Debt: Kick it for good.

Debt is an element of most Canadians’ finances. It shouldn’t define our financial life. What triggers the use of credit in your life? Develop some counter-strategies. Create a sustainable plan to kick the debt habit.

3. Your Brain.Your Guts.Your Money.

What did you grow up learning about money?
What do you believe now about money?
What is influencing your relationship to money?

Create a strong set of powerful beliefs, designed to empower your mind and increase the likelihood of positive experiences with money – including attaining your goals.

4. Goals, Dreams and your Real World.

By this point, you will have a clear idea of your current financial situation. You will have developed a mindset conducive to moving forward. This session is clarifying your goals and setting things in motion with a realistic, attainable action plan.

5. Making Money Work… while you play golf. or volunteer. or whatever.

Ever left your financial planner’s office still puzzled about what’s going on with your RRSPs?
Ever read a statement and been completely confused?

This is a rockin’ session that will leave you jazzed, pumped, and confident that you get the need-to-knows of putting your money to work for you. No financial products sold, just solid intel!
6. Lasting Change.

By this point, participants have experienced significant and exciting change. This session prepares you to keep on the right path for the long haul. YMbD wants you to keep moving forward financially for the rest of your life!

I’ve got 6 seats left. This program has changed many financial lives … it could change yours.

Check it out!

Do you eat out too much? And half the time it’s not because you really want to, but because you were too busy to have food on hand, and it’s easier just to buy a meal? I struggle with this constantly!

So…. I’m joining a couple Canadian graduate students who are tackling their debt in November Meal Planning Month!

tuna-sandwich.jpgGoodbye to paninis on the fly (I used to love them ’til they became a habit), goodbye to Starbucks snacks to fill the gap …hello to my own nutritious home-made food. Hello to spending more on groceries and way less on eating out. Net savings = more in my Christmas Stocking Fund 🙂

Care to join us? Leave a comment! And if I get really organized, I may even set up a forum – like the Savings Forum in the spring – on my business site, Your Money by Design.

I got tagged by David Drucker!

And the deal is: come up with 5 ideas for courses you’d take … if only they were offered! The courses have to be something that will ‘fix up your life’ in one way or another. Since I’m a money coach, I thought I’d think of money-oriented courses I’d take.

Revenge on the Phishers

This course will teach you how to hunt down, skewer and permanently put out of commission (possibly including bodily damage to the offender) the originators of those phishing e-mails we get. Besides the original offense, it’s also an insult: we’re not that stupid.

Warranties 101

Some warranties are worth paying to extend. Some are a waste of money. This course teaches you how to distinguish between the two.

Diplomatic Relationships: Family and Money

hi-mom-send-money.jpgEver wished you could tone down Christmas, yet keep the spirit alive with your family?

Ever secretly wished your adult child would pay you back the down payment you helped with 10 years ago?

And what about that secret credit card debt your spouse thinks you don’t know about?

This 25 year program will help you navigate the diplomatic difficulties of money and family.

ATMs: beat the system

Banks need to pay fewer tellers since they implemented ATMs … so why do they need to charge us $1.75 every time we use one from another bank? This course teaches the dark arts of beating the ATM system. For more information, quote the secret password ATMFEESSUCK.


Inside the Mind of Alan Greenspan

This guy is a spooky legend in his own time. “Inside the Mind of Alan Greenspan” leads you into the unmapped territory of Greenspan’s mind on economics, gdp, interest rates, politics, intuiting the mood of the entire US population, and very, very, very complex mathematical equations. 3 PhDs prequisite, preferably in Math, Physics and Psychology.


OK, I tag these 5 :  Lowell Ann,   NetChickMiss 604MoneyRelations, and MJ!  You’re it!  come up with 5 fix-your-life type of courses you’d take if they were offered…. and tag 5 more.

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