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I’ve been scrooged!

(just some fun, vaguely related to money)


Million Dollar Journey had a really fun post that appealed to the voyeur in me. He asked his readers, how much do you tip?

As the holiday season approaches, if you want to be a santa, not a scrooge, check out the blog’s responses and see how you stack up.

And if you’re bold – leave a comment here: how much to you tip?

In all the shopping hype across the border, a quiet revolution may go un-noticed.

November 23 is Buy Nothing Day!

You know of course, that Citizens Bank of Canada is my bank of choice! They’ve put the “citizen” back into banking, give the profits back to the community, offer great rates and also have a terrific user interface.

But … before there was Citizens Bank, there was a Dutch bank called ING, that turned the Canadian banking system on its head. They’ve done it again. (and if you want to participate, go to SUPERSAVER.)

I was tagged by personal finance blogger ‘wooly woman’

for the meme “What ideas did you have, prior to being 10 years old, about money that turned out to be totally and amusingly wrong?” – the meme initiated by Mr. Cheap (who as you can imagine has a lot of things to say about money!)

Given that I make a living from coaching people about money, you’d think I’d have a vast repetoire of goofy experiences toOrange Juice draw from for this … but alas, absolutely the only thing I can recall is that I thought orange juice was really, really expensive and for “rich” people. I have no idea where I got that idea – my mom would be horrified. Possibly it’s connected to having grown up in Yellowknife, where oranges were as exotic as guava in my mind.

So, NetChickMiss 604, John – any bizarre beliefs you had about money, when you were kids?

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