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Lest anyone think I walk around in sackcloth and ashes after Monday’s post – I assure you, I am not averse to good things in life, and esp. not averse to some rock n’ roll! (but even these won’t compensate for the impending death of cbc radio 2)

Thanks to Bargainista for pointing out 99 Nights – in which REM posts a video a night til Mar 30, which you can download! HD no less.
Thanks to Krystal for pointing out the Pemberton Music Festival (who knew?) featuring Coldplay, Tragically Hip, Tom Petty, 9 Inch Nails.

Thanks to Steve for pointing out the set sale for the X-Files movie:

Thur. Mar 20|10am-5pm|Northshore Studios|555 Brooksbank Ave., Construction Mill 1| North Vancouver.

You only learn who has been swimming naked when the tide goes out — and what we are witnessing at some of our largest financial institutions is an ugly sight.    – Warren Buffet 2008 Berkshire Hathaway Letter to Shareholders

And Monica, were you the person to find it? Or someone else on facebook (please stand up and identify yourself so I can credit you for the find appropriately!)

(by the way, I just got one of those letters – post-marked from Spain, no less – from some poor sod who has a fortune waiting for him, if only he can find a sponsor etc. Have you ever received an actual letter, or only e-mail?)

65221081_4212cf145d.jpgDavid Drucker, fellow vancouver blogger, had quite a startle the other week: his jeweller of many years is on the lam! Here’s his story:

When I proposed to Pam, I had already gotten a ring at Alpha Omega Jewelers in Cambridge. It was a small shop in Harvard Square, family run, with not spectacularly high or low prices. In the years since then, we used them for not only our wedding rings, but other bits of jewelry.

So, I was not without a fair amount of shock when I read this headline on the web site boston.com:
Alpha Omega liquidation sale set to start tomorrow

What was even more shocking was why they were liquidating our old family jeweler:

The investment consortium that bought the assets of Alpha Omega Jewelers in a bankruptcy court-approved sale said that the liquidation sale of the chain’s inventory will begin at its four stores tomorrow.

Everything must be sold before Ross-Simons, a Rhode Island-based chain, assumes the leases of Alpha Omega stores at Natick Collection and the Prudential Center in Boston, and items will be discounted to ensure fast sales, the consortium said.

The chain’s other two stores are located in Harvard Square and at the Burlington Mall.

According to stories in the Globe data base, Alpha Omega Jewelers filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code last month. The filing came after owner Raman Handa unexpectedly left the country with his wife, son, and daughter, prompting the company’s bank to seize Alpha Omega assets and temporarily close its stores just before Christmas.

That’s right, they were going bankrupt because the owner fled the country with his family. Suddenly my mind filled with all the plots of Jewel heists, with the thieves heading for Mexico, having deposited some of their misbegotten wealth in a Swiss Bank Account…

And to think I was served by Mr. or Mrs. Handa (I never learned their names, nor do I remember them particularly well), who might have been planning their disappearances for years!

Or perhaps it was something less glamorous and far more depressing, like mounting debts and “a threat to himself or a member of his family”.

Readers:  do you have any Theft stories?  I caught a thief once, in gastown (not an addict).  Called the police who caught him in the alley.   And of course there’s the legendary story of the guy who stole the computer from Workspace (where I rent office space) and uploaded a photo of himself onto flickr.

…and a bonus Friday Fun for today: Since it’s Valentine’s week, here’s the fun history of the FreeHugCampaign.

(it beats the bed-ins of the ’60’s don’t ya think?)

Free Hugs

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