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OK, I really want to know:

1.  Do you think most people really do hate banks? Or do we just lash out from time to time?   Do credit unions have a better reputation, or are they the same as banks?

2.  Is it possible that a bank could be more than just a financial-transactions-kinda place for you? (eg. you get get your haircut, or, you can have this fabulous aesthetic experience.  Could a bank do the fabulous experience?)

3.  What do you love most about your bank, and what drives you nuts?

Readers:  Have at it!

You know what?  I’m not ashamed of it (although my mac may spontaneously combust.  Wait, no, that was dell…):  I Love the Microsoft Advert.

That Bill Gates is willing to be so relaxedly goofy (sort of like the cast in MamaMia!) completely impressed me.  Yeah, this first advert doesn’t get into product itself.   So what.  It’s taking the “evil empire” label and letting us see the human being – who, lest we forget, did as much as anyone to bring everyday computing into our lives.

Note too it’s gentle feel – in contrast to the increasingly aggressive Switch campaign.

Find more videos like this on AdGabber

Ha!  Derek K. Miller had the eye to spot this one –  Old Navy has a new clothing line that has absolutely nothing to do with the olympics.  Check it out for yourself!

HA! You know how in university you could get expelled for plagiarism? Not so much, in the corporate world.


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