A Money Coach in Canada

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This looks like it’s in Canada (note the currency):  and idea which mall?? (not cookstown!)[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj8Wifi_77I]

One of my favourite financial sites is wisebread. It’s a terrific blend of savvy tips, fun, and outrageous … all about money.

This week they’re hosting a contest ($25 amazon gift certificate) for the wicked-est story about an attempt at frugalitygarage sale that went sideways. Way sideways. If you have your own story, head on over and jump into the foray. Your competition includes …

  • a college student who took advantage of the all-you-can-eat curry nights, only to discover a main ingredient was ….
  • a mom’s attempt at being frugal on her son’s birthday goody bags resulted in …
  • a pre-1st-date visit to the hair-salon-school resulted in …
  • an inexpensive sofa that infested the house with…
  • the dad who got his kids to dig the swimming pool hole on their summer vacation ended up …

If you need a laugh, and permission to not cheap-out this particular weekend, you know where to go.

Bare Naked Ladies meet Harry Potter. Not totally polished (characters are lip-syncing the song), but apropos, and a lot of fun:


A little quote from the late Bob Hope:

 a bank is the place that lends you money if you can prove you don’t need it.



Here’s some fun news: as of Wed. ATMs are 40 years old in Canada! Thanks to Canadian Financial Stuff

for drawing attention to the fact. In 2005, Cdns. paid $420 million all told in ATM fees. RBC reported net profits of $4.6 Billion the following year. TD made $4.4 billion. Banks in the UK don’t charge people for ATM usage. Wait! Wait! This is supposed to fun friday! Ok how ’bout this: ATMs will be obsolete by 2008, when Canadians will have access to iphones, which of course dispense cash among other features like playing music, giving us directions, can calling people.

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