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Upon our Loonie flying to par with the USD, witty comments on metafilter:

  1. Man, you guys are screwed. Now who’s going to buy your maple syrup?
  2. I think this is all part of a massive worldwide conspiracy to keep Americans home
  3. You owe me 96¢, Haughey!
  4. See? I knew keeping that bag of Canadian change from ’02 around was a good idea! I’ve made, like, four dollars (Canadian) just by having it sit there!
  5. sucks to be me. i live in canada and get paid in US dollars.
    it’s like a >$10k pay cut and i didn’t even get demoted 🙁
  6. Turns out those people threatening to move north when Bush was elected weren’t raving hippies- they were canny financial geniuses!
  7. So does this mean that the strippers at the Sundowner aren’t going to be as frisky when I pull out my roll of greenbacks next time?You should see what they do for Canadian Tire money!
  8. O Canada!Loonie
    Ill-omened rate is panned!
    Blew eighteen thou to visit Newfoundland.With groaning hearts we see fees rise,
    The new North conquered me!Sums par decried!
    O Canada, remand dinar to me!

    God lend your hand to penurious bourgeoisie!
    O Canada, remand dinar to me!

    O Canada, remand dinar to me!

  9. The dollars last met each other as equals a week after Darryl Sittler scored ten points against the Boston Bruins. Going by that, I’m hoping the Leafs will have a good season this year.
  10. The last time this happened was ’76, anyone remember what has happening then?
    I was born, so basically, my life is at net zero, in at least one measure.

So in 1992 the top 5% of Canadians had 21% of the wealth.  As of 2004, they have 25%, according to a stats can release a couple days ago.  The rest of us middle-income earners haven’t had much of a change.

More intriguing stats:

To be in the top 5%, you need an annual income of $89K. (in the US, you’d need $165K)

1 in 4 of the top 5% is a woman.

If you’re tempted to be bitter, take some consolation – the top5% paid 36% of the taxes CRA received.

airplanein case you haven’t heard, google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin keep their jet in Google’s backyard, thanks to a deal they struck with NASA. Yup, for a price, NASA moved their jets over … read more.

I wonder: would a highly successful money-coaching company founder (ahem, with a seminar series for single parents commencing in 2 weeks) park her plane in her backyard? If Greg Kerfoot can convince the port authority to give public land to his stadium, I have reason to hope …

but meanwhile, there are seat sales to be had at my old favourite: Westjet
Cheap Flights at westjet.com

CoffeeSome time ago, after resisting all the way through university, I succumbed to the coffee culture. My blogger friend Jack, whose story with money can be found here, today wrote about how he indulges in coffee on a regular basis, by investing in his home inventory.

Coffee no longer a dark hole

I confess: I love my coffee and I can be found in the line up of one of our region’s coffee stores at least twice a day. I prefer drip coffee or a shot of espresso. This means my habit costs about four bucks a day. Not a bank breaker.

Along comes a friend who is passionate about coffee. As the months pass, he convinces me I need a coffee grinder for home and a French Press coffee maker. Says he: anyone can make better coffee than what is served as most coffee shops.

He’s right. I’m now at the point where I can bring out the distinguishing flavours of the varietals. Bet you didn’t know some coffee beans have hints of chocolate. The Kenyan Peaberry I sampled yesterday boasted citrus overtones. Who knew this stuff is just like wine.

So here is the bottom line (this is a money blog, so there needs to be a bottom line): I’m still having two cups a day, but a third of them I make myself. I have invested $250 in a burr grinder and a French Press. Factoring in the beans I buy, I am saving $25 a month. The equipment is paid for in 10 months.

That’s all great, but the real story is I have learned so much about coffee and how best to prepare it. I have met baristas and coffee-loving folks who are sharing their knowledge and passion with me. The hands on approach is taking my appreciation for java to whole new level. Money can’t buy this experience and I have just a little more in my pocket.

Any other caffeine freaks out there with us?  How do you save money?(or is it desecration to consider finances when thinking about coffee??)

cartoon-roi.gifComic is courtesy of the talented Rob – rocks his facebook profile – Cottingham of Social Signal.

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