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1. My colleague Lana – and I can’t speak highly enough of her – is offering a free workshop:

PricewaterhouseCoopers presents Taming the Credit Monster, one in a series of free community workshops.

Wednesday, April 23, 6:00 – 7:00 pm
@ Surrey Public Library, Newton Branch (13795 70th Avenue, Surrey).

The event is an overview of how to manage or eliminate debt, debtors’ rights and responsibilities, and options for resolving for more serious financial problems.

For more information, contact Lana Gilbertson at PricewaterhouseCoopers, 604 806 7700.

2. Set Sale!
Thur, Fri, Sat next week, 9am-5pm
Building “K”, Vancouver Film Studios
2727 Boundary Road (enter off 11th Ave.)
Thanks for the tip, Steve!

3. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.

A. The Army & Navy legendary shoe sale starts Wed. April 16th.

B. Shoe Sample Sale is just around the corner! April 11th, 12th, and 13th at the North Shore Winter Club in North Vancouver. 1325 East Keith Road North Vancouver


Rob Cottingham (thanks, Rob!) just passed along this info from the Tyee:

Two subscriptions, one price — FREE!

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Don’t miss out on this time-limited offer. Sign up now for your two FREE subscriptions.


The Tyee is a must read if you want something other than the usual media.  I’m signing up right now, so that leaves only 199.  Act fast!

What the cbc is failing to deliver , RIP, thankfully Pacific Baroque Orchestra will provide — and free, this Friday.

C’mon down to my ‘hood (aka dtes) and enjoy some Mozart:

In the early eighteenth century, baroque was on its way out as Le Style Galant became all the rage. As music moved out of the church and into the courtly salon, elegant tunefulness and genteel accompaniment took over. Then, along came Mozart, who turned this style into some of the greatest classics of all time. Revel in the music of the thoroughly modern composer of his time. You’ll hear a violin sonata, a piano quartet, and Mozart’s take on some music by J.C. Bach, all played as he would have heard it. (editor’s note: this was directly pinched off PBO’s website)

Venue: St. James Anglican Church

This Friday (Mar 28), at 7:30pm (I’m quite sure)

(photo cred: elaine)


Lest anyone think I walk around in sackcloth and ashes after Monday’s post – I assure you, I am not averse to good things in life, and esp. not averse to some rock n’ roll! (but even these won’t compensate for the impending death of cbc radio 2)

Thanks to Bargainista for pointing out 99 Nights – in which REM posts a video a night til Mar 30, which you can download! HD no less.
Thanks to Krystal for pointing out the Pemberton Music Festival (who knew?) featuring Coldplay, Tragically Hip, Tom Petty, 9 Inch Nails.

Thanks to Steve for pointing out the set sale for the X-Files movie:

Thur. Mar 20|10am-5pm|Northshore Studios|555 Brooksbank Ave., Construction Mill 1| North Vancouver.

…and read til the end for the “freebie Wednesday” component.

There’s lots of companies we love to hate. And then there are those ones who are doing things so.totally.right that they have customers who rave about them. You know who I rave about? The place I rent for my business. It’s called WorkSpace.

Here’s how they’ve won me over completely.

1. Pricing. It was entirely fair to begin with. Then they stopped charging for boardroom use fees in the evenings – this saved me a serious chunk of cash, as I do my seminars in the evenings. Then they stopped charging for the lattes. . I swear, I’m *saving* money by having a membership there and getting my lattes from them instead of my former haunts (aka sbux). And by the way, these aren’t just any lattes. They’re lattes with the Dane Factor – ie. the best lattes in town. truly.

2. Two great personalities: say hello to Dane and Bill. They run the place. They’re not all in your face with fake friendliness. They’re just intelligent, pleasant people to deal with. All the time.

3. It’s inclusive and interesting. I’m not a geek. But the people there helped me get going on a mac. They invited me to load of free events like democamps and barcamps (it’s not what you think). In short, the community there introduced me to the virtual world of useful apps and big ideas. Honestly, I think young people these days (lol) are so much more interesting than my cohort was!

If you want to experience the place for yourself, they’re having an open house this Friday. Bring your laptop. Work for a while. Have a latte. (say hi to me! I’ll be there in the am.)

C’mon over. You’ll love it.



ps: if you can’t make it, check out this cbc video featuring them.

photo credit: TheLastMinute

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